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Sex, COVID and 2021: What Are The Rules?

Sex, COVID and 2021: What Are The Rules?

New year, same rules? Hate to break it to you but yes, the same rules currently apply. As the UK heads into our third lockdown, we’re pretty much back to where we were in August. As the good folk at the Terrence Higgins Trust charity advised last summer, people should wear a face covering, avoid kissing (as the virus is passed through saliva) and go for positions that don’t require face-to-face action during sex. 


"Your best sexual partner during the Covid-19 pandemic is yourself or someone within your household and you should follow the government guidelines about social distancing, hand washing and face coverings.”


 Masturbation, toys or virtual sex are tipped as the safest options for satisfaction right now so it’s just you and your hand for the foreseeable future. 


If you’re having sex with people outside of your household/bubble, the trust advises you reduce the number of partners and be aware of any Covid-19 symptoms you or your partner(s) could have - and isolate if you have any of them. Remind yourself of symptoms here. If you’re meeting someone new (either to you or your bubble), they also advise that you ask if they or anyone in their household has tested positive for COVID or are experiencing symptoms.


 Find out more here and stay safe, HANX fam. Join the conversation over on our HANX Life forum here.

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