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Jecca Blac: The Importance of Year Round LGBT+ Solidarity

Jecca Blac: The Importance of Year Round LGBT+ Solidarity

Hello Everyone!

We’re Jecca Blac - a vegan, gender free makeup brand that started with makeup lessons for trans women and those at the very start of their transition - many of whom were right at the beginning of their journey with makeup, too. As a brand that began by considering the needs of the trans+ community, our alliance to the community can be seen in our voluntary support to trans prisoners, our trans inclusive team, our annual Trans Festival, and our mission - which is to celebrate makeup wearers of all genders, identities and expressions!

We were kindly asked by the lovely people at HANX to share about why we feel so passionate about showing solidarity with the LGBT+ community - not just during Pride season, but year round. Pride season is drawing to a close and, for the second year running, has mainly been an online moment for the community due to Covid restrictions resulting in the cancellation of Pride parades around the world. As a brand so closely intertwined with the LGBT+ community, we too have felt the challenges of finding new ways to be proud in our alliance, beyond attending Pride events IRL. 

Now that Pride season is drawing to a close, it is even more important to be bold and proud in our solidarity with our community. Why? Because the community does not exist just during a month or a season of Pride - LGBTQ people are here year round, and so deserve to feel represented and celebrated year round! Showing up for our community is something that all of us must engage in as a constant effort to be the best allies we can be. 

The trans community in particular is constantly faced with adversity and in October of 2020 the BBC released a report stating that reports of transphobic abuse had quadrupled over the past 5 years. In a report by Forbes in November of 2020 (right around Trans Day Of Remembrance), it was reported that 2020 had been the deadliest year on record for trans people, with 350 reported murders happening that year. 

We have seen firsthand the many ways which the community can thrive - and have partnered with LGBT+ charities including Switchboard, Mermaids and AKT Charity to help contribute to a brighter future for our community. True allyship lasts a lifetime - and that’s why it is so important for us to partner with LGBT+ content creators, charities and to amplify the voices of LGBT+ people on our platforms throughout the year. Our customer base is not limited to only LGBT+ people, but it is so important to us to celebrate those who often feel overlooked by the beauty world - and that is why celebrating the trans+ community is such an integral part of all that we do as a gender free brand.

We also love to collaborate with LGBT+ models for all of our campaigns, tutorials and projects, too - our mantra is that #MakeupHasNoGender, and we will always ensure we reflect this in all our creative ventures!

Jecca Blac
Thank you to HANX for allowing us to share our story - as a fellow vegan brand, it’s great to see a sexual wellness brand champion so many of our values! 
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