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Is Sexting Cheating?

Is Sexting Cheating?

Thu, Nov 26, 20 - HANX Official

Does sexting count as cheating? 


Phone sex. MMS. Emails and flirty texts. Having sex with someone other than your partner? Generally, it’s considered cheating* but what about when it goes from physical to digital down-low dealings? 



According to Vice, 49 percent of women consider sexting to be cheating, as opposed to 34 percent of men.” 


For some, it’s still considered as much of a betrayal of that of an illicit IRL hook-up but for others, it’s considered more of a fantasy than an actual ‘act’. It's not just us mere mortals working this through, celebrity sexting scandals have hit the headlines over the last couple of decades making it ever more apparent that for some, salacious screen time is here to stay.


When we asked around our Whatsapp chats to try and break down what sexting really is, it varies from casual flirting, to sending selfies, nudes and the really rude stuff. Some of our *anon* talking heads even considered their other half liking and actively following someone they fancied online as ‘sneaky’, ‘devious’ and ‘kinda heading into cheating’. Others aren’t as rigid, citing risky texts and suggestive snaps as only a form of release, especially for those folks in long-distance relationships who can't always get hold of their partner when they need 'em. When it came down to phone sex though, that’s where it looks like the line is drawn for our correspondents.


“Hell to the no!! If my bf was having phone sex with other people I’d kick him to the kerb.”


“Actually this has happened to me and it really f****** sucked. I was working really long hours and he saw it as a form of neglect so went looking online: it’s over and I still find it hard to trust people I date.”


“Texting is one thing but actually getting off over the phone is waaaay too personal. I’d feel so bad afterwards, I couldn’t do it to anyone!”


“Weird. Really disrespectful. I wouldn’t check <redacted>’s phone but sometimes I do wonder what she does on it but that’s a line I don’t think she’d cross. I wouldn’t either.”


"Admittedly, being on furlough and having nothing to do for months while my husband's been at work has been pretty boring so I have responded to an ex's flirty texts. Phone sex hasn't come up yet and if it does, I'm not interested. This is just a way to pass the time."


“An old flame tried to video call me a few months into a serious relationship and I FREAKED OUT. My partner and I were watching tv and and when I saw it flash up on my phone I just threw it down the side of the sofa cos I felt so weird. I can’t imagine doing that, even if my current thing wasn’t so hot. It’s just not cool.’


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*unless it’s pre-agreed and part of your vibe, you do you.