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Is My Coffee Addiction Impacting My Sex Drive?

Is My Coffee Addiction Impacting My Sex Drive?

Summer is (supposedly) in full swing, and like all hot girlies, we’re wedded to our sunny day must-have: an iced coffee. Whether your regular order is an iced oat latte, a cheeky cold brew or you’re a frappe lover, iced coffee is an absolute winner all summer season long. You might even turn to it not just for cooling-down-on-the-commute purposes, but for a jolt of energy when the humid days have you feeling less Lorelai Gilmore, and more exhausted sloth attempting to cross a busy road.

Are we tempting you? Well, you might want to hold off on grabbing one to go. Summer is also the time for randy post-park-drinks, “are you coming back to mine?” dalliances and fiery first dates… and your iced latte habit might just turn out to be a hindrance in the bedroom. If you’ve ever met up with a hottie and just not been able to get in the mood, or headed home with beau and ended up in a big fight rather than a big bedroom rumble, you’re not alone. It dawned on us after our fourth iced hazelnut latte that there might just be a link between sinking multiple cold ones a day and our fluctuating libidos. So, rehydrating pint of water in hand, join us as we delve into the intriguing world of sex drive, caffeine and summer flings…


Is Coffee An Aphrodisiac?

First things first: your sex drive is totally individual and is influenced by many factors, including hormones, stress levels, overall health, and lifestyle choices. Some of us might find that after a coffee, we’re perky and raring to go. That’s down to the levels of caffeine, a stimulant present in coffee that can increase alertness, elevate mood, and boost energy. Some studies have explored the effects of caffeine on sex - but the results aren’t conclusive. While some suggest that moderate caffeine intake may enhance sexual desire, others propose that excessive consumption can have the opposite effect. That’s likely due to the caffeine crash: the irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headaches and even nausea that can pop up anywhere from 25 minutes to three to four hours after a strong coffee. Even the randiest of us struggle to get down to it with a pounding headache, so if you’re finding that you’re jittery, tired and aren’t ‘feeling it’ in the moment, your earlier Starbucks order might be to blame.

Apart from caffeine, iced coffee contains another crucial component that could affect libido: phytoestrogens. These natural plant compounds, found in coffee beans, mimic the effects of oestrogen in the body. Oestrogen is a hormone that plays a vital role in sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual health. However, the influence phytoestrogens have on libido remains up for debate. Some studies suggest that these compounds might help regulate hormone levels and promote sexual well-being, while others indicate potential risks associated with excessive phytoestrogen intake. As with caffeine, moderation is key.


The Emotional Connection

While caffeine and phytoestrogens may have potential influences on libido, it's important to understand that psychological and emotional factors also play a significant role in our sexual desire. Stress, fatigue, broader health issues, relationship dynamics, money worries and body confidence can also profoundly impact our desire for sex. In fact, 73% of the HANX community say they’ve experienced loss of, or low libido, at some point in their lives. Whilst fluctuations are ‘normal’, if your interest in having sex or masturbating, or desire generally, has decreased and you’re concerned about it, it’s worth considering the potential cause. Low/lack of exercise, poor diet and low or disrupted sleep can have a real negative impact. Consider having a chat about your feelings, too. Being open about lost libido can feel awkward due to old school ideas about sex drive, but communication can open the door to renewed desire: whether that’s sitting down with a partner, a non-judgmental mate, or having a chat with your healthcare provider.


Sexy Alternatives To Coffee

Alongside getting it off your chest, and getting your blood pumping in more suitable for work ways, why not try swapping out your cup of joe?

  • Cool, delicious and as green as our faces when Ryan Gosling talks about Eva Mendes, an iced matcha latte could well be your ideal alternative to espresso-bound beverages. Matcha, a finely ground and specially grown green tea leaf powder, contains a good amount of the naturally occurring amino acid, l-theanine, which can increase production of dopamine, the ‘pleasure chemical’. In fact, a 2006 study by Southwestern University posited that caffeine derived from green tea can have a positive effect on the female libido. Just make sure to drink it at least a few hours before you go to bed (to sleep…!), as it does still contain caffeine (though less than an average cup of coffee). 
  • Calling all H20 hos! Staying hydrated is essential for good health generally, but can also help you get in the mood. If you’re making sure to keep topped up on water, it can help with natural vaginal lubrication - but a little water-based Lube can go a long way in relieving friction and amping up desire, too.
  • Natural soft drinks. From kombucha to CBD-infused blends, there are plenty of low-to-no caffeine cold options on shelf that make a great alternative to coffee. Appropriately enough, Sex Education star and all-round-sex-bomb Gillian Anderson’s new functional soft drinks, G Spot, promise to both start interesting conversations on the Tube and deliver energy without the jitters thanks to Cordyceps mushroom, Bacopa and Lion’s Mane. Hey, if it’s good enough for Agent Scully…
  • Inspired by our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh’s time working in NHS sexual health, and realising the lack of conversation and solutions to low sex drive in women, we designed our first natural supplement, Libido Lift, to help you get in the mood. With maca root powder to enhance your mood, pine bark extract to help blood flow where it counts and tribulus terrestris to help turn you on, it’s our go-to for pre-date prep. Use a matcha/mini whisk to blend one sachet with a splash of cold water, then top up with your favourite freshly squeeze juice for ultimate sexy smoothie vibes…

    So, as you head out to frolic in the sun, remember to stay hydrated, stay safe and maybe chill out on the iced mochas every once in a while. We'll take ours decaf...

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