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24/7 Orgasms This Way

24/7 Orgasms This Way

Mind the Orgasm Gap and bring out the work-friendly firework metaphor imagery: it’s International Female Orgasm Day! Of course,e this which means we get to wax lyrical about one of our favourite topics: how we can all come more often - and come better, too. Pleasure is highly personal and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ guide to climaxing, but we have dived head/muff first into the world of female orgasms to help our crowd with vulvas celebrate... 

  • Get slippery. As seen in the Evening Standard, Glamour and Marie Claire, our Lubricant is a real winner for solo and partnered play. 75% of us use Lube to enhance sexual experiences, be it to remove friction or ease vaginal dryness - or just for a cheeky extra bit of fun. Our own water-based formula is designed with all our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh’s expertise from years of NHS gynaecology clinics. There’s no weird flavours or glycerine which can cause Thrush, it’s pH matched the vagina’s natural pH to avoid any adverse effects and it’s totally safe to use with condoms and toys.
  • Focus on G Spot stimulation. Partnered up? Try this cheeky sex position which requires you to work your arm muscles, and can be attempted with a penis or a strap-on. Place your forearms flat on the ground and elevate your pelvis and thighs. Next, your partner should penetrate you from behind holding your hips, which will allow you to wrap your legs around their waist. It’s unusual, this is one of the best sex positions for G-spot stimulation, and it's definitely a world away from basic missionary. You might have a few false starts and wobbles, but just laugh it off and try again. 

  • Try sex toys. If, as Pink memorably intoned, it’s just u and ur hand tonight, it’s time to upgrade your masturbation accessories. Buying a vibrator doesn’t have to feel furtive or embarrassing. Our first ever pleasure partner Cindy is a hanky panky pink clitoral stimulator, packed and shipped in discreet, unbranded box so your postie/desk mate won't know what you have planned. We're also a big fan of Sh!, the pioneering female-founded emporium founded by Ky Hoyle in 1992. Similarly, Self & More are taking on the male gaze as an independent, female-founded online toy boutique, too.

  • Engage all your senses. Slave to the rhythm? Spotify reckons there are approximately 2.5 million sex playlists on its platform, with The xx’s ‘Intro’ the top song choice for getting it on. Whatever your musical stylings, here are some absolute bangers about finger banging/reaching the magic O/getting down to it:
  1. Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles
  2. I Touch Myself - The Divinyls
  3. Your Pussy is God - King Princess
  4. I Do - Cardi B
  5. Thinking About You - Ariana Grande
  6. How Many Licks - Lil Kim
  7. She Bop - Cyndi Lauper
  8. Lipstick Lover - Janelle Monae
  9. Love Language - SZA
  10. Untitled - D'Angelo

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