Our Guide To An Alternative Valentine’s

Our Guide To An Alternative Valentine’s

Tue, Feb 05, 19 - HANX Official

Whether you’re happily single, dating, settled down or married we know Valentine’s can be a serious headache. Whatever your style or status we’ve come up with a few alternative ideas for celebrating Valentine’s your way. 

The Galantines Girls 

Valentines doesn’t have to be depressing, it’s literally just another day, though what day isn’t made instantly better by spending it with your closest friends. Host a dinner party; everyone has to bring a dish and a bottle of something, you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen and everyone knows they’re getting something they like to eat and drink. No one will turn down an excuse to enjoy each other’s company alongside a spread of delicious food and a red wine glow.

The Dating Darlings

You’ve been dating someone for a few months, it’s going well, you want to show them how much they mean to you, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with an intimate dinner somewhere fancy. Get tickets to an immersive experience, If you’re in London check out the Rumour Mill at a secret Hackney location, with everything from burlesque, boylesque, and jazz, to circus performances. 

The Fabulously Single 

Grab your closet friends and head out on the town. Yes, most restaurants and bars will be overrun with couples, so look out for the less intimate spots. Think Concrete’s R&B/Hip Hop nights underneath Pizza East or Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch, a cocktail bar which also happens to be a ball pit. Take back Valentine’s, then spend Friday sharing tales of the night's escapades with your colleagues. By the time next year rolls around you’ll have a list of people dying to paint the town red with you. 

The Newly Weds 

You’ve just got married and the thought of spending even more money to show off your love quite frankly seems a little bit silly. We don’t blame you. Overpriced set menus, expensive chocolate and I Love You teddy bears are getting tired. The truth is nothing says I Love You like time, effort and genuine human connection. Cook your better half their favourite meal, buy a bottle of Saint Emillion, fill the kitchen with candles and spend the evening reconnecting (with your phones turned off in a draw far far away). 

The 5 Year Rebels

You’ve been together for years. You’ve done Valentine’s to death. You’ve got a little cash to spare, but you can’t face sharing your valentines with 100 other couples crammed into the same restaurant eating the same food. So don’t do it. Extend the day into the weekend, take the Friday off work and pick a European city you’ve always wanted to visit. We recommended Vienna, Copenhagen or Stockholm for a romantic weekend of picturesque architecture, pastries, and lazy mornings under the sheets.  

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