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HANX Fix: What Is Thrush And How Do I Treat It?

HANX Fix: What Is Thrush And How Do I Treat It?

Vaginal Thrush: if you’ve not had it, you know someone who has. Our new NEW HANX Fix online service sorts out treatment and relief for vaginal health issues, sent directly to your door - that’s right, no queues at the pharmacy. Strictly no search engines, zero second-guessing, just a couple of clicks and you’re on your way to feeling better already. Your vaginal health never had it so good. 

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What exactly is thrush and how do you treat it? 

Well, vaginal thrush is a common vaginal yeast infection that’s a type of vaginitis (inflammation of your vagina). FYI, fungus and bacteria live pretty harmoniously in your vagina, but when the fungus Candida increases, it can cause thrush. You can also have thrush infections in other areas of the body, but we are talking about your V here. 🐚



This usually appears when your immune system is weak (overworked, under the weather, stressed and/or burnt-out ring any bells?) or when good bacteria (lactobacilli) can’t keep this fungus under control. Around 75% of vagina-havers will experience it at least once in their lives, and may even suffer from recurrent thrush. While thrush isn't considered an STI, it can be triggered by sex and can also be passed on during sex.


How do I know if I have thrush?

"There are many different caused of itching around the vulva or genitals, and one of them is thrush. Most people experience a slight vulval itch now and again, but “pruritus vulvae” is when the itch is persistent and causes distress. This can lead to scratching and breakage of the skin and can also result in soreness, bleeding and sometimes even infection of the skin. Fun fact: itching of the vulva is a symptom, rather than a condition itself. It can be caused by many different conditions, so you should see your doctor to find out the particular cause." - Dr Sarah Welsh, HANX co-founder and gynaecology doctor.


If you’re looking to treat vaginal thrush, add your preferred treatment or relief to bag and you’ll be directed to fill in a brief but important questionnaire. Once you’re approved by our pharmacist friends and dispensers, your HANX Fix will be winging its way to you - discreetly tucked away in a cotton HANX Fix pouch with a straight forward leaflet and sticker for well, sticking it to things. 🤷 


*If unsure of your condition, please seek advice from your GP/medical professional before purchase.


We’re all about the realness: from our no-holds-barred HANX Life forum to sharing and identifying with the sometimes *too* relatable confessions from our community: we’ve been there, and we’ve definitely done that. And that too. Find out more about HANX Fix thrush treatments here.

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