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How We've Made Our Condoms *Even* Better

Glow up incoming... As we hit five years of HANX, we’re super excited to roll out some long-in-the-works changes to our signature sexual wellness essentials. We’ve taken the natural, vegan condoms you know and lust after and made them even better thanks to fervent feedback. Yes, all your tweets, DMs, emails and whispered comments with a wink really do help us to create condoms designed with women’s pleasure, and health, in mind.

Why now?

We can’t quite believe it ourselves but this is the first time we’ve made any changes to the physical condom itself since we launched back in 2017. Normally, many startups and early stage businesses go through several phases of product when they’ve gone live, iterating based on feedback. However, when we were primed to quit our jobs for johnnies, we spent many hours stacking up research and development time before we headed to our factories as we had to a) to prove there was demand and b) be very clear about exactly what we wanted from HANX condoms. We asked 2000 women what they wanted from their choice of contraception and this feedback, plus our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh’s background in gynaecology, formed the basis of our clean, natural condoms. 

So, why are we making changes now, after five years and lots of HANX condom love? Factory hairnets on, people. Condom manufacturing batches tend to be on the larger size (think thousands and thousands and thousands), so as a small business, it’s important that any improvements we make are 100% right to avoid waste. This change coincided with a major milestone for HANX - launching in the USA! It’s been both exciting and one of the trickiest processes we’ve worked through so far, as condoms are a medical device and consequently require FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulation to be sold in the US. This proved the perfect time to reevaluate all of our ingredients and processes, to make sure our condoms are serving sexiness without a side of soreness.

What's changed?

  1. No Scent
    Lots of lovers can be scent-sitive about added perfume in their beauty and healthcare products. We’ve always been serious about stripping out any unnecessary chemicals in our condoms, especially as we ourselves have experienced vulval irritation, soreness and negative reactions to mainstream condoms. (Plus, some people just don’t like scents at all when getting down to it). Where our initial formula was clean-scented with minimal perfume ingredients, we’ve completely removed this so there is now no added scent at all. If you’ve found that mainstream condoms with funky flavourings or strong scents trigger UTIs, try making the switch to our ultra-sensitive condoms.

  2. Better Sizing
    Size really does matter - when it comes to safe sex. It’s important to wear the right size of condom for many reasons, starting with comfort. Using a condom that is too tight makes it more likely that it will snap, or be painful and uncomfortable and possibly even deter you from using condoms in the future. Too loose and you risk it rolling back down or coming off mid-sex. The right size of condom will ensure you and your partner/s are protected from pregnancy and/or STIs.
    Unsurprisingly, penis size and the perfect condom (also the name of our new book) is a hot topic in our inbox, and after much research, we’ve adjusted our sizing in line with your dreams to be slightly larger across both condom types. HANX condoms now measure:
    - Standard: Nominal width = 53mm, Length = 185mm.
    - Large Size: Nominal width = 56mm, Length = 195mm.

What hasn't changed?

We’re still vegan certified.

No casein. No beeswax. Our Condoms are certified by The Vegan Society, meaning we do not use animal by-products in these products. They are also cruelty free, and we never test on animals. Promise.

We’re still CE certified.
Peace of mind guaranteed. HANX Condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety, and are also FDA approved. 

We’re still focused on being as sustainable as possible.
We’ve reduced energy consumption, chemical load, and waste. Our condoms are made from latex which has been responsibly sourced and traded and our outer boxes are made from recyclable cardboard. 

What do you think?

Whether you’re based in the UK or US, give us a try and tell us what you think of our new and improved condoms. Any questions, drop us an email to our Customer Love team or slide into our DMs. 

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