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The Six Commandments of Festival Sex

The Six Commandments of Festival Sex

If you hadn't realised from seemingly the whole of the UK posting about their Glasto trip on Instagram (we're not bitter), festival season is well and truly underway... and that means getting back on it.

Whether you're strolling through the mud with your sweetheart or waking up in a warm tent with the cutie you met at main stage, we've put together our rules for getting it on when you're out in the fields. Keep safe, have fun and don't forget the six commandments of festival sex.

1) Rubber up.

You might be putting real life on hold for four hedonistic days and nights, but STIs don't abide by the 'what happens in the tent with that hottie in a bucket hat STAYS in the tent' rule. Carry condoms in your bum bag to avoid bringing home an itchy souvenir.                                                

2) Water is your friend.

Portaloos on day 3 of a festi + Cystitis = nightmares for eternity. Stay hydrated, pee as much as you can (push through the hangover and make an early morning loo trip just as they've been cleaned) and wash your vulva at any opportunity. If you’ve splashed out on a fancy shower pass - ooh, get you. If you’re slumming it *raises hand*, go to town with an unscented, biodegradable wet wipe or splash of bottled water. Prone to a twinge? Prep ahead and take our Cystitis treatment for on-the-go relief by the main stage.

3) Avoid going AWOL during the headline set.

Make sure your mates know where you're slipping off to, and who you're slipping off with. Establish boundaries before you get down to it, too. Your festival beau/s should be aware of what you're up for and crucially, what you aren't.                     

4) Don't be scared of the dark.

It's easy to unknowingly end up starring in a 18+ shadow show. Watch out for cheeky silhouettes projected on your tent walls if you're using a torch/phone light...                                                  

5) Stay safe (in more ways than one).

It's safer not to take drugs, but if you do, remember that they can make you lose inhibitions and be more sexually adventurous. Drink plenty of water, use a condom and alert your friends and a festival steward if you or your partner start feeling unwell. On-site healthcare providers are there to give you the best care - they aren't looking to get you in trouble. Be prepared! The morning after pill has a shelf life of 3 years and is always good to have on hand, especially at a festival when there's no pharmacies to run to... 

6) Keep it breezy.

Hot, sweaty mosh pits mean damp, moist knickers - the perfect environment for a yeast infection. If you find yourself with chunky white discharge, burning of the vulva and/or pain when you pee, there's a chance you've got ThrushFind our top tips for avoiding it (the camper's nightmare) and how to treat it. Remember, thrush isn't a sexually transmitted disease, but it can be triggered by a bit of festival sex. 

Basically, remember to pee ASAP after sex to clear out the vagina (from secretions and semen). If your festival hottie is using their fingers, mouth, penis or sex toys, bacteria present can be introduced, disrupting the natural ecosystem of bacteria and Candida in the vagina. Keep as clean and fresh as possible before you get down to it. 

Planning your next festival trip? Our 3 packs of sustainable, vegan Condoms are perfect for a wild weekend - shop here.

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