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Does Penis Size Matter?

Does Penis Size Matter?

The question on everyone’s lips… Does penis size really matter? In a world where we’re trying to work out if 6’ on a dating app profile refers to height or well, length, it’s not surprising that penis size is on people's minds.

Phallus obsession is nothing new. Penis sculptures, drawings, mosaics and general depictions have been around since before Pompeii and the cultural obsession with dongs continues today. In fact, in Reykjavik, there’s a whole museum dedicated to wangs. The Icelandic Phallological Museum is a veritable schlong emporium, a temple of todgers, a monument to members - and it’s set to have its first human specimen when the 13.5 inch appendage of Jonah Falcon joins the collection. 

As for pop culture, the legendary Sex and the City episode featured Samantha Jones bemoaning the 'perfect' guy's Achilles heel - a smaller penis. Fetishisation of large johnsons is seemingly the norm, so join us as we examine some of the most-asked questions in our DMs about willies:


What does ‘penis size’ mean? 

Firstly, size is mostly cosmetic when it comes to penises. Despite all the tropes out there, it doesn’t affect fertility or stamina - and there’s a lot of misinformation floating about. Generally, it refers to the length of a penis, with the average penis length 3.6 in (9.1 cm) flaccid and 5.2 in (13.1 cm) erect.

According to GQ, the myth of the 6 inch average penis arose from Second World War sexologist Alfred Kinsey, whose survey required participants to self-report their size. We’re not saying people might have sneakily added an inch or two… but temptation can get the better of all of us.


Is bigger always better?

A bigger penis might not always be a good thing. Bigger-than-average penises have been associated with a higher risk of injury and infection. Packing extra length can also make some positions especially painful for your partner. Like many of our preconceptions about sex, the assumption that a bigger penis equals better sex, heightened masculinity, or more success in the dating word is a big old stereotype that can lead to poor self esteem and small penis anxiety. There’s a whole lot of chatter around size queens and pap shots of celebrity penises that reinforce this trope, but ultimately, there is  It’s important to remember that the size of a person's penis doesn’t reflect their sexual performance or experience, and the same is true for vaginas, too.

What size of condoms should I use? 

It is important when using condoms to ensure the condom is compatible with the condom wearer. We’ve spoken before about the intricacies of condom use, but one of the biggest takeaways if you’re thinking about your penis size is to get your measuring tape out! Many people are actually wearing the wrong size of condom, which can impact pleasure and potentially see your johnny ping right off. HANX condoms measure: Standard: 53mm nominal width, 185mm length. Large Size: 56mm nominal width, 195mm length.


Does size affect sex?

Let’s talk about girth, baby. One study suggested that preference on size, including girth, might even change in the context of a one night stand or a long term relationship. Based on 3D printed phallus action with 75 participants, results showed that 4.8 inches around is the ideal girth for relationships, and 5 inches around for good-times-no-long-times.

Let's remember that 'sex' is an all-encompassing term and doesn’t just refer to penetrative sex, despite it traditionally doing so. Sex can be anything from intimate touching to oral sex or a good old sexting session. App Kama is an interesting place to start learning more about non-penetrative sex with helpful, easy to put into practice guides to mutual masturbation, nipple-gasms and different types of intimacy. Broadening your view of sex helps to remove the heavy emphasis on the penis and ideally, remove lessen focus on size in the situation.


So overall... does penis size matter to the people I’m having sex with?

Penis preference is incredibly individual and subjective, with a very unscientific Team HANX Slack poll saw a 50/50 split on whether penis size matters when we’re in the bedroom. It’s important to acknowledge that contemporary society places greater value on larger penises and that has an impact on us all, whether we realise it or not. From Big Dick Energy being the byword for confidence, swagger and success, to the equally damaging concept of a ‘real man’, size-focused messaging is everywhere for us all to absorb from an early age.

The reality is that penis size does not impact the practical aspects of sex like stamina, fertility, or general health. Penis wielders should also bear in mind that just 20% of people with vaginas can climax from penetrative sex. It’s time we focused less on penis size in our partners, and more on sexual compatibility… 


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