Dear Dates: The One That Got Away

Dear Dates: The One That Got Away

Fri, Jul 05, 19 - HANX Official

Dear The One That Got Away, 

Timing is everything. With you, we could have had it all, but you came at the wrong time. I wonder, do you think about that night too?

Your cheeky boyish ways, and charisma made me feel invincible. From the moment we locked eyes, I felt like I could do anything and all that mattered was us. We felt like we knew each other inside out, but really, we didn’t know the first thing about each others’ lives. We couldn’t be together, or even make a go of it, and, how things would be different if we had met in different circumstances. But perhaps we are better as a memory. Because the one I have is a goddam good one.

Love X

Lesson learnt: Lust is definitely a thing. Not to be confused with a real connection.

Score: 8/10

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