Are Flavoured Condoms Safe To Use For Intercourse?

Are Flavoured Condoms Safe To Use For Intercourse?

Wed, May 01, 19 - HANX Official

Flavoured condoms are an acquired taste (‘xcuse the pun), though the one main benefit is that they make a guy taste better down there. Unfortunately that taste comes from the use of sugar-based flavouring. Now if there’s one thing we know it’s that yeast feeds off sugar and we definitely don’t want to be encouraging the growth of yeast in our lady parts. Read on to find out why flavoured condoms might not be the safest choice for vaginal intercourse and which condoms you should use instead to keep your vagina happy.

Using flavoured condoms for intercourse

Why are condoms flavoured in the first place? 

Flavoured condoms are regular latex condoms with a flavoured coating over the top. You can find flavoured condoms in almost any flavour, from cherry to cola and to be honest it’s enough to put us off our favourite foods. In case you’re still wondering what flavoured condoms are used for: They’re especially popular for people who don’t like the taste of latex, but enjoy giving/receiving oral sex, because as we know all too well you gotta share the love to receive it. 😉

Why should you use protection for oral sex?

One acronym: STIs. You know this one folks, you’ve got to use condoms for oral sex if you want to protect yourself against STIs; chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, you know the really fun stuff! STIs can be transmitted not only through vaginal or anal sex but also through oral sex –, if you’re doing it without protection, you’re at risk. Even if your sexual partner says they’re all cool, it doesn’t mean they don’t have anything unwanted hanging out down there. Some STIs like chlamydia can go unnoticed for months on end, without any symptoms ever presenting themselves. Condoms are the only way to be protected and in the words of Coach Carr* ‘okay now everybody take some rubbers’.

*Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 years Coach Carr is the coach from Mean Girls who gave some pretty interesting advice on underage sexual activity.  

Is it safe to use flavoured condoms for vaginal intercourse?

In a word; no. Flavoured condoms are designed to make oral sex, safe and erm bubblegum-flavoured? To make condoms taste like candy/fruit condom manufacturers need to add numerous chemicals to the process of making the condoms. The more chemicals in a condom the higher the chance of vaginal irritation. Not cool.

  • Increased risk of yeast infections 

In addition to the chemicals required, sugar is also needed to create that artificial taste. This sugar level is inevitably going to wreak havoc on the carefully balanced ecosystem of your vagina; it will disrupt your pH leaving you more susceptible to developing a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis.

  • Potentially increased risk of STIs 

This one sounds like it should be a joke; the very product you use to protect yourself against STIs can increase your chance of contracting one. Unfortunately this isn’t a joke, if your vagina becomes irritated from the chemicals and sugar in the condom you’re going to be more susceptible to STIs. Not to mention using a condom for oral sex with all that teeth action then using the same condom for vaginal and penetrative sex is a recipe for disaster.

Can you use flavoured lubricant on a regular condom? 

You can, but you may not want to – just like flavoured condoms, flavoured lubricants are full of ingredients that will disrupt your natural pH balance. If you really like adding a bit of flavour to the bedroom make sure the lubricant you use is water-based, not oil-based, as oil breaks down the structure of latex causing it to degrade. Water-based lubricants for the win!

Which condoms should you use for vaginal sex instead? 

To protect yourself against everything – pregnancy, STIs and yeast infections – use a natural non-flavoured condom like HANX that has been designed to make vaginas and penises alike very, very happy. HANX condoms are clean-scented which means they do not smell or taste like latex, can we get a hallelujah?

If you’re a fan of flavoured condoms then be sure to keep a non-flavoured condom on the bedside table, so when you’re ready to take things up a notch you’ve got a natural condom that won’t cause any trouble. So why the emphasis on natural condoms? Standard condoms often contain chemicals like nitrosamine which can cause irritation or unnecessary animal products. HANX condoms are vegan, natural, organic and cruelty-free.

If you’d like to know more about why standard condoms can be harmful, check out our articles on ''Natural Condoms'' and ''Are Condoms Vegan?''. If you’re ready to take the plunge, get your vagina-friendly HANX here.

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