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Are Flavoured Condoms Safe For Sex?

Are Flavoured Condoms Safe For Sex?

First things first: flavoured condoms are an acquired taste (‘scuse the pun). Unfortunately for vagina owners, those novelty banana, cherry or donut flavoured johnnies you might have received from your Secret Santa probably feature sugar-based flavouring. Now if there’s one thing we know, it’s that yeast feeds off sugar - and you definitely don’t want to be encouraging the growth of yeast down there. Join us as we explore why flavoured condoms might not be the best choice for vaginal intercourse, and which condoms will help keep your vagina happy.


Why are condoms flavoured in the first place? 

If you're new to the phenomenon, flavoured condoms are just regular latex condoms with a flavoured coating. Without going all Gareth Keenan, you can now find flavoured condoms in almost any flavour. From chocolate to cola, it might sound like a bag of pick and mix, but flavoured condoms were actually designed to make oral sex with a condom more enjoyable. Some people who don’t like the rubbery, chemically taste of traditional latex condoms, so these funky little numbers were developed to make going down less 'oof' and more 'mmm'.


Why should you use protection for oral sex?

No, you can't get pregnant from oral sex... but you can transmit and receive STIs. It's really important to use condoms for oral sex to protect yourself against STIs including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Many people know that STIs can be transmitted through vaginal or anal sex, but don't realise that going down without any protection can also be risky. Even if your sexual partner says they haven't seen any symptoms, it doesn’t mean they don’t have anything unwanted hanging out in their genitals. Some STIs like chlamydia can go unnoticed for months on end, without any symptoms ever presenting themselves.


Is it safe to use flavoured condoms for vaginal intercourse?

Good question. Flavoured or not, there are certain standards your rubber johnnies need to meet to be certified by the CE mark in the UK (yes, HANX is CE certified!). Make sure to check the packaging of your condoms for this mark, especially if you've received a glow-in-the-dark, blue raspberry flavoured set in your stocking from *that* kooky mate.

For our friends with vaginas, our second piece of advice is crucial. To make condoms taste like a reject from the Skittles factory, condom manufacturers need to add numerous chemicals. The more chemicals in a condom, the higher the chance of vaginal irritation or a full-blown yeast infection. Glycerin is particularly troublesome, as
 sugar will inevitably wreak havoc on the carefully balanced ecosystem of your vagina. It can disrupt your pH, leaving you more susceptible to developing Thrush or Bacterial Vaginosis. Feeling the effects? Check out our same-day-dispatch intimate health treatments.


Will flavoured condoms protect me from STIs?

Sounds weird but it's true: the product you're using to protect yourself against STIs might actually increase your chance of contracting one. Like Team HANX before our first oat flat white of the morning, vaginal tissue is very sensitive and easily irritated. If the chemicals and flavourings cause vaginal soreness, it can make it easier to contract an STI. Similarly, not all flavoured/novelty condoms are designed for vaginal (or indeed anal) sex. If you are determined to get down to flavour town, be sure to check the packaging for any instructions to make sure your fruity french letter is suitable for your plans.


Can you use flavoured lubricant on a regular condom? 

Thinking outside the box, eh? Technically, yes, you can. However, just like flavoured condoms, flavoured lubricants are made using ingredients that can disrupt your vagina's natural pH balance. If you really like adding a bit of flavour to the bedroom (bathroom, living room or kitchen), make sure to use a water-based flavoured lubricant, rather than an oil-based formula. This is because oil breaks down the structure of latex causing it to degrade, leaving you at risk of STIs and/or unwanted pregnancy. Learn more here.


Which condoms should you use for vaginal sex instead? 

To protect yourself against everything – pregnancy, STIs and yeast infections – use a natural, non-flavoured condom. When we developed our own HANX condoms, we used all our Co-Founder Sarah's experience in NHS sexual health and gynaecology to create a condom that offers the protection you want, without that classic rubbery smell or taste. We've removed any fragrance to ensure our friends with allergies and those who don't like additional scents are good to go, too!

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