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5 SexTok Educators You Need In Your Feed

5 SexTok Educators You Need In Your Feed

You can find a lot of things on TikTok - some good, some definitely very bad. Between the booktoks, thrift hauls, and overly imaginative thirst traps, the app is actually a great resource for sex-positive education, with certain creators using their platform to teach us what we’d all wish we’d learnt at school. We might not be at school anymore, but sex education should be an ongoing part of our lives. So, here’s a handful of my personal faves fighting misinformation and teaching a new generation about consent.

Scotty Unfamous




♬ original sound - NasFromTheGram

Superstar Shakira Scott, AKA Scotty, is (in)famous for her sex education videos executed in tasteful lingerie. Sick of seeing no one in the sexual wellness space who looked like her, Scotty started her platform to educate others and create a community where women of colour and beyond felt comfortable to explore their sexuality and share their experiences. In addition to her TikTok and Instagram being fantastic educational tools with a side order of lols, Scotty also regularly hosts kink and sexual wellbeing workshops including How To Live Your Best Heaux Life. Trust us, last time we attended, I ended up picking my porn star name and getting flogged fully clothed (with consent!).


Ruby Rare



♬ original sound - Ruby Rare


Ruby started as a sex educator with Brook, the UK’s leading sexual health charity, and has used the knowledge she’s gained to encourage others to feel more confidence in their sexuality. They speak openly about their queerness and the importance of inclusive education, as well as debunking myths around polyamory. Her bubbly nature, signature pink hair and colourful clothing makes her videos informative and delightful to watch!


Vagina Rehab Doctor




♬ Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix - CasaDi

Understanding our bodies and how they work is a fundamental pillar of sex education. The Vagina Rehab Doctor is a pelvic floor specialist who uses TikTok to share tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor, which symptoms to look out for if you think you have thrush, and which movement exercises you can do to boost your libido. She uses humour and fun dance moves to educate her audience on vaginismus and painful penetrative sex. I’ve learnt a lot from her videos and only wish I’d found her sooner!




@sexedfiles a few things to think about for the first time 💘 - identify your wants - identify your boundaries - communicate - decide what to do together - practice safer s — x - take your time - prepare to make mistakes - ( i forgot to mention, but 4 PLAY) - be gentle with yourself - check in with one another during and after - stop if it hurts or if you don’t like it - get help if you need it - HAVE FUN #datingtips #relationshipadvice #datingadvice #answeringquestions ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic

Mariah’s videos answer all the questions you’re too shy to google including:

  • Do asexual people still have sex?
  • Can you use a sock as a condom?
  • What's the difference between a high sex drive and sex addiction?

Nothing is off limits! She uses the skills she’d developed working in schools to bring a kind and judgement free voice to Sextok.


Milly Evans 

@itsmillyevans And remember there aren’t always symptoms so get tested if you think you’ve been exposed 🦠 #healtheducation #STI #health #relationships #education #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Milly Evans

Milly’s videos are a great source for the sex education that many of us never received. Passionate about mandatory, consent-based and inclusive sex education, they use TikTok to talk about topics that may be too taboo for others. Sprinkled between their educational content are honest discussions on their sexuality and experience dating as an autistic person.


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