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Why Don't People Like Using Condoms?

Why Don't People Like Using Condoms?

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a great Hinge date, you’re happy and relaxed, and you’ve decided to go back to the bedroom with your lucky match. But when you get down to it, they say they don’t want to use a condom - despite it being the most effective way to protect from STDs and a great option for people not on hormonal contraception. So, why are condoms so controversial?

‘I can’t feel anything with a condom on!’

This is a common objection, and, unless you’re using a condom with a numbing agent, you should still have a substantial amount of feeling. HANX Condoms are ultra-thin (only 0.55-0.66mm thin, roughly the width of a single pube) to ensure you still get all the sensation to take away from the fun. Often, people are inadvertently using condoms with chemicals that can reduce sensation. If you’re opting for extra-safe or extra-thick condoms, these can also be thicker and reduce feeling slightly.


A 5 star review of HANX Condoms

‘Condoms give me UTIs and thrush!’

Condoms should definitely not give you UTIs or thrush, but unfortunately, some do use chemicals which can lead to thrush or UTIs. Sometimes it can be the added lubricant - often they contain glycerin, a sugary solution which can feed the bacteria that can cause thrush. Our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh formerly worked in NHS gynaecology and is an expert on all things vaginal, including one of your most asked questions: can condoms cause UTIs?

‘The condom doesn’t fit!’

Condoms have an amazing ability to stretch over some particularly mad objects, it is important that you get the right size. If you find that the condoms feel tight and restrictive around the base of a penis, then you might need to size up. Alternatively, if the condom is regularly slipping off, then you may need to size down. Our Condoms come in two sizes - standard and large - with differences in width and length:

  • Standard: Nominal width = 53mm, Length = 185m.
  • Large: Nominal width = 56mm, Length = 195mm.

‘Condoms smell weird.’

Not ours! We don’t have any scent added to ensure there are no unnecessary chemicals, especially for those with allergy issues,, and to avoid harsh smells that can be off-putting in the moment.


A 5 star review of HANX Condoms

‘I’m too embarrassed to buy condoms.’

Listen, we get it. We’re proud proponents of destigmatizing sex and contraception, but we know hanging around the condom aisle isn’t always the place you want to be. That’s why we offer discreet online delivery, with plain unbranded packaging on the outside. Our boxes themselves are a subtle white and gold, designed to be aesthetically pleasing and not masculine and garish like other brands on the shelf.

‘I just don’t like them.’

Personal preferences are completely valid. If you prefer being on the pill or other contraception, that’s great! However, always respect consent, and be ready to have honest and open conversations about contraception methods when you’re hooking up with people. Remember, condoms are the only method of protecting against both STIs and pregnancy.

Feel like giving condoms another go? Check your sizing and give HANX a try - our hundreds of 5 star reviews talk for themselves.

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