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When Trinny Woodall Tested HANX Lubricant...

When Trinny Woodall Tested HANX Lubricant...

“I wanna talk about lubrication and dry vaginas! Are you ready?”

 If you weren’t paying attention before, you sure are now. Presenter, fashion expert and now Trinny London beauty entrepreneur Trinny Woodall doesn't do embarrassment. Take her proclamation above - or her recent accidental nip slip. Our girl simply refuses to blush - and we love to see it (the attitude and the nips!).

Her fan favourite Facebook Lives hurtle headfirst into the world of beauty and wellness, taking us through the products we should have on your sink like the ultimate grown-up sleepover. As die-hard Miracle Blur fans (and What Not To Wear watchers when we were younger!), it was a dream come true to see our HANX Lubricant appear on screen as one of Trinny's top picks in a recent stream *scream*. (It's 7.40 minutes in, skippers!) 😉

“Look how chic that is…” 


“Tastes of nothing, that’s what it should taste of because you don’t want, if there’s any business going on in different places, any bad tastes.” 💁‍♀️

Why is this such a big deal?

We're fed up of the stigmas around lubricant. From Superbad skits to tabloid sidebars of shame, lube is often tied into jokes about older women. Namely, the misogynistic trope that going through the menopause robs us of our sex appeal, leaving us with a dry vagina.

Let's tackle this from a medical perspective first. Yes, after menopause, vaginal tissue does become more dry and fragile, meaning you’re more susceptible to injury or tearing, especially during sex. However, whilst this does mean we need to take a little more care of ourselves when we're getting it on, it doesn't mean a little rough and tumble is off the menu for good. One word: 

This World Menopause Day, we want to reassure you: your vagina isn't a punchline. We know that for many women, the menopause is something that's shrouded in mystery, shame and nightmares of a sexless future. We need more bold, no-fucks-given normalising the use of lubricant, which is really helpful for keeping things moving and minimising irritation to your vaginal tissue. We applaud Trinny's open approach to talking about the menopause in the press, and testing our Lubricant on her stream (off camera, but with live commentary!). In her hands, what might feel like a product traditionally tucked under the bathroom sink becomes a stylish item that isn't out of place with your make up stacks and Glossier retinol. Thank you for your support, Trinny! 

What makes our Lubricant menopause friendly?

    • Drawing on our Co-Founder Sarah's experience as a gynaecology doctor, we developed our Lubricant to have a pH of 4.5, as close as possible to your healthy vaginal pH which sits between 3.8 to 4.5. It's all about minimising the presence of harmful bacteria and keeping the healthy bacteria happy. If your vaginal pH rises above this level to 6 or 7, your bacterial balance tips over and you're likely to experience intimate health issues such as bacterial vaginosis. 

    • HANX Lubricant is also water-based, which makes it sex toy and condom friendly. Importantly, that makes it less likely to cause irritation in post-menopausal women than oil-based lubricant.

    • We use just seven ingredients: Aqua, Sorbitol, Panthenol, Lactic Acid, Sodium lactate, Sodium benzoate. What you won't find in our lubricant is glycerin. Prolonged use of glycerin-based lubricants can actually dehydrate and damage vaginal tissue, which can cause real irritation if you're experiencing menopause. Plus: lube containing glycerin can encourage vaginal thrush, something you definitely don't want to be dealing with. We dive into the causes, symptoms and treatments of menopause and thrush here.

When Trinny met HANX...

Going up! If you missed our Co-Founders, Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh’s spot on Trinny’s Elevator Pitch, catch us pitching HANX to Trinny herself in 30 seconds.

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