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The vagina museum is here

The First Vagina Museum Is Coming

 There is a penis museum, there is a sex museum, but there is no vagina museum… Here to fill the void, is Florence Schechter, who is launching the first Vagina museum in the UK. We at HANX are super excited and have managed to sneak in a quick catch up with Florence herself, to hear more about what inspired her idea and how she manages such taboo topics.

Tell us a little about your background?

I have a biochemistry degree from University of Birmingham. My current job is as Managing Director of a science-film company, Collab Lab. (Until we raise more funds, I won't be able to do this full-time just yet)

What made you decide you wanted to launch a vagina museum?  

I am a science YouTuber and was doing research for a YouTube video about 'Top 10 Animal Vaginas' to go alongside the one I made about penises. But it was really difficult to find info - I was struggling to find 10 amazing animal vaginas. There just isn't enough vagina research out there. My brain went 'hey, there's that penis museum in Iceland. Maybe there's a vagina museum?' There is not. (Well there's a virtual one but we won't rest until there is FULL EQUALITY). What is the only way to address this lack of vagina representation? Make your own vagina museum.

It's such a taboo topic, like condoms, how do you manage this and the attitudes towards it?

Just be free and inhibited when talking about it yourself, and others will follow. Though of course while also being considerate and respectful of other people's experiences.

Thanks for the chat Florence, we salute you!

Learn more about the Vagina museum and what's to come here. We are keeping our eyes and ears peeled for what's to come.

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