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Introducing The HANX Condom Subscription, As Seen in The Independent

Introducing The HANX Condom Subscription, As Seen in The Independent

Convenience is no longer a luxury. Right now, our lives have never been so optimised - and yes, we're aware how evil tech supervillain that sounds. 

We're busier than ever, and exciting challenger brands are changing the game when it comes to freeing up our wallets, and minds, with ultra-straight-forward subscription services. Take Team HANX: 

  • We have our SMOL detergent delivered exactly when we're due to run out.
  • We get the coolest beauty brands we'd never have even heard of delivered through our doors by GLOSSYBOX, which are applied swiftly to our post-pandemic-glow-up faces.
  • Our razors no longer moulder in the bottom of the shower. Estrid delivers us fresh blades just in time for ankle-baring season (and fresh content for our Instagram feeds).  

Whilst we're au fait with regular deliveries of cat food, succulents and even ramen noodles through the post, there's one area that's still relegated to grabbing a pack when you remember, or hoping your partner has been more prepared. Our sex lives need regularity - in every sense.

Enter: the HANX Condom Subscription.

When we founded HANX, we asked thousands of you about your wants, needs and desires for your sexual health and wellness. It got us thinking - what if we took panic out of the equation? What if you were never left in a position where you needed to make a sweaty, embarrassed emergency trip to the local corner shop at 11.45pm? We introduced regular, discreet, weekly or monthly deliveries of our best-selling Condoms direct to your door - whenever you want it. No hassle, just really great sexual wellness essentials sent out on a schedule designed by you.

HANX in The Independent


In 2021, we were thrilled to see our condom subscription service recognised in The Independent's ‘10 best beauty and health subscription boxes for self-care during lockdown’ alongside must-have brands such as Flo and The Perfume Society. 

 They said: 

"We know this isn't a beauty box as you know it, but while you may be stuck indoors with your loved one with extra time on your hands, we thought this condom subscription service is well worth the mention."

Now, as we enter a post-pandemic world, our research shows that 45% of us have a more optimistic view on sex and dating. You might be lining up the blind dates, taking things up a gear with a on-again-off-again option or keeping things steady. One thing that remains consistent: the need for trustworthy protection and contraception. Our study showed that only 66% of us regularly practice safe sex, with those who don't citing embarrassment or feeling too awkward to bring up the topic with a partner a barrier. Take last minute pre-date panic trips to Boots out of the equation, and your subscription offers peace of mind, reassurance and a icebreaker for bringing up the subject. Try: "So, have I told you about my condom subscription...?"

How to start a HANX Condom Subscription.

Sign up for a vegan, biodegradable condom subscription here. Any questions? Our DMs are always open

Slide into our DMs @hanxofficial

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