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PSA: I’m Buying My Friends Sex Toys For Christmas

PSA: I’m Buying My Friends Sex Toys For Christmas

So... many... gift... guides... If you're struggling to get your gifting game face on, this week's guest blog from Harriet H might help you find a lil' Christmas spirit.


Okay, so 2020 has been petty AF: taking its toll on not just my own dating life but that of my friends, too. The weekend brunches where we discuss love, sex and the other stuff that comes as an un-ordered-but-demolished-anyway-side have been decimated. It’s just not the same over texts: nuances are lost, distractions in the form of tv, tidying your flat share AGAIN, exhausting workdays and let’s be honest, nights and zero sex are ruining our heady buzz. No nookie, no chat as far as we’re concerned and frankly, I’ve had enough of us all whining on the group chat about missing *it*. 💬  Well, I’m putting a stop to that. Buckle up, strap in if that’s your speed, and remember that sometimes, giving wayyyy better than receiving. 




Fuelled by oat lattes and a sudden burst of Joyeux NoëlI’ve been cruising sites for weeks, favouriting and adding toys to basket, refreshing and starting all over again before finally taking the plunge. Turns out picking a saucy accessory for your closest pals isn’t as easy as previously thought. We’re as open as possible (sorry, those also brunching on neighbouring tables) and by figuring out what it is my friends are all missing from their sex lives, I think I might just save Christmas, folks.


Single, taken, married, dating: I’m just trying to festively fill holes over here! 💁 


And yeah, it might seem weird but if you can’t give your bestie the gift of a slammin’ orgasm for Christmas, are you even BFFs for ever?? Now: we wait for the inevitable onslaught of suspiciously plain packages on my doorstep. Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄  Join the conversation over on our HANX Life forum here.



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