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Our All-Time Top 10 ‘Bi-Awakening’ Films

Our All-Time Top 10 ‘Bi-Awakening’ Films

What is a ‘Bi-Awakening’ film we hear you ask? Well, simply put, it’s a film that you watched when you were younger that made you begin to question or explore your bisexuality. There are a lot of jokes around this in the queer community - that these movies ‘made us gay’. But, the truth is that films and TV shows can often help us recognise our desire and understandings that are hiding beneath the surface. So for Pride Month, we're counting down our all-time top 10 Bi-Awakening films… 

Pirates of the Caribbean

Between Johnny Depp (strictly in Captain Jack format), Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly is it any wonder this pirate franchise had us so obsessed? The raunchy humour, the shirtless sword-fighting, the seaworthy sexual tension between all the characters - our inner sailors were anything but dormant. We still can’t decide who we fancy most out of them all… 

The Mummy 

Speaking of hot antiquing daddy energy, let's pour one out for Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz who sent us into bi-sexual spirals as kids. We've been thirsty for these tomb-digging foxes since before we could legally change our names. 

John Tucker Must Die

The circulating thirst around this rom-com proves we weren't the only Bi Awakeners! From Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush's natural chemistry, to the drool-worthy eye candy of Jesse Metcalfe and Penn Badgley, there were bi awakenings abound. The kissing lesson scene is still burnt into our brains for life. 


We don't care what you say, Shang and Mulan 100% kissed after she revealed she was a woman and saved all of China.  And if they didn't, we're in the writers room demanding it happens in the live-action remake. Not only was it one of the biggest bi-awakenings for many, it also sparked an awareness of gender identity in all of us. 

Coyote Ugly

Between the steamy bar dances, vocal appreciation for bodies on display, and Maria Menounos as Coyote Ugly bartender royalty, this movie was the ultimate bi awakening when it hit theatres.

Black Swan  

Speaking of female sexuality, has there ever been a more iconic pair than Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan? Their fierce yet beautiful connection was a true awakening for many. Seeing them get up close and personal definitely stirred some new thoughts and desires.


The whole X-Men universe is an exploration of sexuality and identity. We'd be remiss not to feel some awakenings with characters like Mystique (Rebecca Romijn), whose blue persona oozed confidence and sensuality. Let's just say we all wanted her to be our female teacher...


Sure, we're supposed to feel things for Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the rest of the werewolf pack. But the homoerotic undertones and fan communities? Major bi awakening energy! Who hasn't had a few Bella (Kristen Stewart)-related thoughts after watching her with Alice (Ashley Greene)? We all thought about whether we could pull of the Alice haircut after that too... 

Jennifer's Body 

The number one bi awakening movie has to go to Jennifer's Body! Megan Fox absolutely smoulders as the ultra attractive Jennifer whose possessed body flirts and seduces both boys and girls alike. Her sexuality oozes off the screen, awakening so many new thoughts and curiosities in viewers.

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