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Charlie Swan Twilight DILF Father's Day Daddy

Our 5 Hottest Fictional DILFs to Make You Thirsty This Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner  - the perfect excuse to indulge in some incredibly thirsty thoughts about our favourite fictional zaddy bods. 

While we absolutely adore and appreciate the real-life dad heroes in our lives, there's just something deliciously sinful about crushing on fictional DILFs too. You know the ones - those brooding, charismatic big screen papas radiating major dilf energy in a way you simply can't ignore.  

So put on the BBQ, crack open a beer and get ready to steam up, because we're counting down the 5 hottest make-believe daddies guaranteed to have you parched as a desert this Father's Day. 

5. Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Oh Jax, you beautifully broken bad boy biker daddy. Those piercing baby blues, that rugged ink, those arms that tell a thousand stories. This SAMCRO prince had us feeling some very unholy thoughts. Bonus thirst for daddies who can handle a, ahem, handful.

4) Duke Leto Atreides (Dune) 

Be still our beating hearts! As the mighty (and miiighty fine) ruler of Caladan, Oscar Isaac's Duke Leto awakened feelings we didn't know we had. Maybe it's those penetrating eyes or that formidable stature - either way, we'd risk it all to spend a night in his tent on Arrakis.

3) Jack Pearson (This Is Us)

Is there anything hotter than an involved, caring father figure? Jack had us sobbing into our boxed wine weekly with his pure-hearted DILFy goodness. We'd do anything just to be smothered by those signature Pearson hugs. Oh, and we can’t forget the mustache. 

2) Joel Miller (The Last of Us) 

You'd be hard pressed to find a more swoon-worthy example of hot zaddy energy than Pedro Pascal's portrayal of gruff, grief-stricken survivor Joel. Fiercely protective yet tragically wounded, this daddy has us catching all the feels (among other things...). 

1) Charlie Swan (Twilight)

You might be seeing a trend here with the tashes… He's hot. He's a cop. And he had the patience of a saint dealing with moody, vampiric baby daddies for years on end. Of course the ultimate DILF trophy goes to Charlie Swan! We'll never get over the way this mustachioed fox rocked that uniform, threw down some dad jokes, and stayed an absolute snack into his golden years. Now that's a certified dilf king.

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