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Ghosting in the dating world

Let's talk About Ghosting

 Ghosting. I’m not talking about the Casper variety or things that go boo in the night

I’m talking about cold hearted relationship “ghosting”. It refers to the act of someone disappearing often without any explanation and out of the blue. 

Someone who you’ve been dating and are lead to believe cares about you. 

Most of us have been there. You know, when you’re dating a hottie and out of the blue he stops messaging back. What happened? Did his phone die? Did he see awful Facebook pics of me circa 2008 when high waisted belts were in fashion? Maybe he’s been badly hurt or mugged. Worry soon turns into anger and you are often left with self doubt and utter confusion. 

Ghosting is the ultimate move of choice for the typical douchebag and the way I see it, is that it’s a chicken way out of a mature conversation and showing respect. It’s for those who no longer want to continue the relationship but don’t have the balls to actually vocalise their feelings. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a hint of light ghosting on Bumble, when I am not interested in a guy for more than 30 minutes or the chat just isn't going anywhere, but more than often, ghosting happens to people who have been dating for quite some time or have been in relationships. Whilst this sort of action can be damaging to the “ghostee” and even more so to those who are already fragile state, just know this; it’s says nothing about your character and A LOT more about theirs. A person who ghosts, lacks any emotional intelligence nor do they have the clout to be in a mature relationship. 

Your self esteem may take a temporary hit but see it as a lucky escape and know your self worth. Good riddance pal, you were too pasty for me anyway. 

#girlbye #ontothenext #shashayaway

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