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Tracey Emin

HANX Woman Of The Month: Tracey Emin

 “Oh Christ, I just wanted you to f***k me. And then I became greedy, I wanted you to love me.”  What a treat mid-July, to celebrate the English contemporary artist, Tracey Emin. 

Read on to find out why she’s our HWOM…  

  1. Emin is not shy of sparking controversy, and we love her for it. Known for her autobiographical and confessional artwork, over the years she has really made a splash. From her work Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995, a tent appliquéd with the names of everyone the artist had ever shared a bed with, to My Bed 1998, which consisted of her bed with bedroom objects in an abject state.
  2. She has been marked a scandal, but by standing by her values, Emin is now held in high recognition. Tracey was chosen to create limited edition print for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games in London, and is now a Royal Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts. Impressive, especially despite this initial backlash.
  3. She’s an avid feminist who is not afraid to speak up, as she once said “I’m not happy being a feminist. It should all be over by now.” Our thoughts precisely.

 Fun Fact:  The British artist married a stone in her garden in France last year! She calls it "an anchor, something I can identify with."

Why the devil not, Tracey, sounds like an absolute rock.

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