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Ellie Goulding

HWOM: Ellie Goulding

"I call myself a feminist because it's a word for someone who believes in equality. And yes, that's something I absolutely believe in."

Happy 31st birthday to Ellie Goulding! We had to whittle our love for Goulding down to three, so here you have it...

  1. Goulding has spoken out about gender bias in the music industry, "It annoys me that guys can easily write about one-night stands, but if a girl writes about one? God, that's terrible, you know?" and we need role models like Ellie talking and breaking down these barriers.

  2. She is open about having anxiety, to help others in a similar position. When her career took off in 2010, she struggled with panic attacks, and managed to find inner confidence with kickboxing. Her collaborations with the likes of Nike and Core Hydration highlight her support for exercise and that this "helps the soul" to inspire self-confidence in her followers.

  3. Goulding is a philanthropist and social activist. She often participates in charity events, especially those supporting underprivileged children and the homeless.

Fun Fact: At school in Herefordshire, she landed the main part of the scarecrow in her school's production of the Wizard of Oz- the first time anyone got to hear her properly sing. How we would love to watch that now! 

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