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HANX Hits Tesco Express Shelves Across the UK

HANX Hits Tesco Express Shelves Across the UK

Unexpected item in the bagging area. Not only are 10 packs of our natural, sensitive condoms available in 2,000 Tesco Extra superstores, but we have officially now landed onto the shelves of Tesco Express convenience stores nationwide. From Portsmouth to Belfast, get your hands on us now… 

Date Night Dilemmas = Over

Are you tired of that awkward moment when you realise you're out of protection, but you've got a hot date just around the corner (or en route to a booty call)? We’ve got you covered - literally. We’re beyond excited to team up with the hugely supportive Tesco team to bring our pocket-sized 3 packs of Condoms to Express stores near you. No more settling for dusty, dodgy, are-these-really-going-to-stand-up-to-a-night-of-passion brands in the cornershop, or desperately trying to find a nearby pharmacy before the strike of midnight.


Discreet Pick Ups

Do you, like us, have a shamelessly nosey delivery driver who eyes up all your packages (we mean you, George), or have parents/housemates who love to pryingly ask, "What's in the box?" when your parcels pile up. We hear you. Whilst we make sure your johnny deliveries come in unbranded, discreet boxes, we know it can be a real lifesaver to be able to pick up bedroom accessories when you’re out and about. Our community are big fans of our signature cream and gold packaging - take it from them

“The packaging is excellent, its much classier than the bright in your face colours that draw the wrong attention.”

Now, you can simply pop in and grab your chosen HANX goodies discreetly - and don’t forget hot date essentials from our friends: Fussy sustainable deodorant and MOTH cocktails in a can.


How to Find HANX Condoms at Tesco Express

So, the next time you're out and about, picking up all your must-haves for a romantic movie night, don't forget to swing by the wellbeing aisles of your nearest Tesco Express. Find your nearest HANX hot spot here.


Want more?

  • Big shop incoming: HANX condoms and lube have landed at Sainsbury’s.

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