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Dear Dates: My First F**kboy

Dear Dates: My First F**kboy

Mon, Jul 15, 19 - HANX Official

Dear F**kboy ,

My my, what a date you were. Older (but yet not any wiser) and mysterious, you were somewhat of an enigma. Sadly, you turned out to be a F**kboy. It was all take, and no respect. How I wish I could have told my younger self to watch out for boys like you. I was one of many, I’m now sure, but you charmed us all into thinking we were the apple of your eye.

Maybe I should thank you for opening my eyes to what’s out there?  But that would be giving you more credit than you deserve, you were demeaning and controlling, and no excuse should ever be made for this.

I hope, for the other people in your life, that you’ve realised the world doesn’t revolve around you and have learnt how to treat people with respect… 

F.U. X

Lesson learnt: F**kboys exist.

Advice for date: Respect the love interests in your life. We are not here to be played.

Score: 1/10