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Dear Dates

Dear Dates: Bench Press Ben

Dear Bench Press Ben.

After a brief flirtation on bumble, thanks for having the balls to not waste anymore time and suggest we meet in person. Bold and forward. I like it. We decided to meet at what I thought was going to be a lovely little bar by the river, but turned out to be a sticky pub filled with what looked to be LSE’s AU initiation. I guess you did study there and why bother branching out when this is your “fave spot”. Seven years on.

Anyway sticky pub and stag do vibes aside, I was really looking excited to see if the flirty banter was there in person and find out more about you. Unfortunately after multiple name drops about the z-list celebs you bench press with at the gym, and how your next lads trip to Marbella is going to be “lit”, it was safe to say I was disappointed. Might be a straight forward gal but I find it hard to say no, so of course I said yes to a second drink. Well let’s be honest, G&Ts are my downfall. I was also hoping the more I drank the easier it would be to find you funny.

Maybe that second drink needed to be a double, because when you then proceeded to share anecdotal stories of your exes in depth, I wanted the floor to swallow me up. No I didn’t need to know how you met, why it didn’t work. This isn’t therapy hun, it’s a date. I finally had the guts to say I think we should call it a night.

 Lesson learnt: Maybe exchange more than 3 sentences before agreeing to meet up.

 Advice for date: Don’t bring up your ex.

Score: 4/10 

You can anonymously submit your own dating story via the Dear Dates thread on HANX Life.

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