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Blue Monday: Meet Liv Ferdi of TRIP

Blue Monday: Meet Liv Ferdi of TRIP

Desperately seeking stress relief? The majority of us have spent the last ten months experimenting with every ‘de-stressing’ technique possible, from rag tufting your way through Lupin marathons to sudden and enthusiastic moves to become your block’s answer to Monty Don as “coronasomnia” hovers in the distance. As for us and our fellow founders, we’re really feeling it, too. We welcome frank conversations around mental health, growth (or more honestly, just keeping your head above the water) and how we, as leaders and individuals, are coping with stress right now. 


Enter TRIP: a CBD-based business on a mission to leave you more productive, less stressed and more you”. Spurred by the UK’s thirst for accessible easily administered stress-relief, their pastel-hued cans including CBD-infused cold brew coffees can be delivered straight to your door and are even be found in Her Majesty’s farm shop. 👀  Join TRIP Co-Founder, Liv Ferdi, as we discuss forging your own path, creating innovative partnerships during COVID and learning how to switch off.


Hi Liv, what’s giving you the blues right now?

 Hi! Thanks so much for having me. I think like pretty much everyone at the moment, starting the year by heading into another lockdown has been really tough. Separation from loved ones continues to bring the blues, I’m desperate to squeeze my friends and family.


What was the inspiration behind TRIP? 

Way back in 2018, just weeks before our wedding, Dan my now husband and co-founder tore his ACL playing Sunday football. He had to undergo surgery and was told he wouldn’t be able to walk down the aisle! Desperate to help his recovery, he was recommended CBD. It was a total game changer and he credits it with getting him dancing crutches-free all weekend long!

Amazed by the results we dove into researching CBD, learning it had incredible benefits to relieve anxiety. I began using CBD oil daily to help with my everyday stresses triggered by long commutes & long nights working as a lawyer at the time.  I loved the balancing effects but struggled with the bitter tastes and intimidating packaging. Unable to find a product that spoke to our personal values we decided to launch TRIP, designing a CBD range that fit effortlessly into our lives, and hopefully into others’ too! TRIP is a deliciously sociable and accessible way for people to explore CBD’s benefits. We want to lead the conversation de-stigmatising this plant, and bring CBD’s therapeutic potential mainstream.  


Annnnnd enter COVID: how easy was it to pivot your business model in response to the pandemic? 

Having retail partners close and events cancelled was super tough. We were lucky to already have an online offering and with the lockdown, our incredible social community exploded and supported us through incredible digital growth. We were learning quickly and there were a few harder logistical lessons as we struggled to keep up with demand. 

As the nation’s anxiety levels shot up, we wanted to help as many people as possible find their calm in the chaos. People were shopping local, and changing their daily food habits looking for something functional and innovative. We realised bringing TRIP to people within minutes could deliver that immediate relief to stress, troubled sleep and relaxation that CBD can uniquely support. We partnered with Deliveroo across the UK to create the first CBD store getting TRIP to customers in minutes. With incredible feedback from our customers, we’ve been able to scale digital rapidly, driven to continue delivering exciting formats to our community to build a CBD lifestyle that works best for them.

With Covid we’ve continued to lean into Instagram (find us at @trip.drinks) where our community have been amazing to share feedback and ideas, meaning we can make decisions to suit their needs even faster. We love to chat to everyone & you’ll find me on our IG account - do drop us a DM or a question if you’re just starting your CBD journey.


A major study into the mental health impact of the pandemic found that 57% of those who took part reported symptoms of anxiety. Do you think that the increasing effects of lockdown have lead to people seeking out alternative coping strategies?

Absolutely - we’ve come to see that the old way of doing things has been disrupted irrevocably. And so our approach to managing that new daily reality is also shifting. There are hundreds of thousands of new consumers who’ve had their first CBD experience with TRIP - all in the past several months. It’s extremely powerful and brings me hope that TRIP’s part of a wider conversation around anxiety, wellbeing, relaxation and finding that balance - taking it day by day.  At a time when we find ourselves overwhelmed at the lack of control, deep “covanxiety”, insomnia, & physical strain working at the kitchen table. Openness of people to discuss these things and share their positive CBD experiences has been amazing for our CBD mission.


What are your top three tips for finding calm in the everyday chaos?

You would have never heard me say this pre-pandemic, but now it’s got to be moving my body! Getting outdoors, finding time in nature for a walk or run totally sets up my day. There’s so many places we’ve discovered locally for a flat white or cheeky pastry. Without travel any opportunity to explore something new in these times is so appreciated (with the added upside of supporting local businesses)!

Secondly we make sure we try and recognise the end of the workday, by putting on a chill playlist music and cooking together (often with a TRIP G&T or a big glass of red). With home and work being so blurred by lockdown this has become an evening ritual for us. 

As a founder, especially in lockdown you’re “always-on”. I have an amazing team I can rely on - and during that time exercising outdoors I opt for an hour of airplane mode. It may sound odd but it's incredibly calming going notification free.


And finally, what’s giving you hope? 

The resilience shown by people and the way that communities have come together over the last year has been truly incredible. We have seen examples of it everyday within our own community, with people gifting each other TRIP and sharing their stories and experiences how it has helped their minds and bodies. 

I’m so inspired by what our TRIP family (literally, our team is made up of my brother and sister in law) has created in such a challenging time. What I’ve seen other businesses and entrepreneurs share to survive, and thrive during this year has been monumental. We had only been working together 2 weeks before we went into lockdown - I can’t wait to see what magic we create when we’re back in the office together. Watch this space!


What To Do Next:

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