Take Me Home - HANX

Take Me Home

Never be without a HANX!

Two packs of 3 condoms delivered each month discreetly to your door.

All Natural Latex
Clean scented
Ultra Thin
Fair Trade
Vegan Certified
CE Quality Assured
Transparent and Smooth
52mm Nominal Width
Contoured and Lubricated
Discreet Packaging

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  • We ensure the fair treatment and wages for all factory workers, whilst producing a natural and body-friendly product.

  • Our condoms are approved by The Vegan Society, as we do not use any animal by-products.

  • Each HANX condom is rigorously tested to the highest standard.

  • We only use the most natural latex so that you can be at one with nature.

  • Free Shipping to UK.

  • Cancel anytime, no quibbles.

  • Scheduled delivery - choose your frequency and date.