How many condoms are there in a box?

Our classic pack of HANX contains 3 condoms.


What is the shelf life of HANX?

Maximum 5 years from production date.


Is HANX safe?

Yes, HANX condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. Condoms are a reliable protection but no contraceptive can protect 100 % against pregnancy, AIDS and/or infectious diseases.


How thick are your condoms? 

HANX condoms are ultra-thin and have a thickness of 55-65 µm.


What size are your condoms?

HANX condoms: Length = 182-190 mms, nominal width = 52 mms


Are your condoms vegan?

Yes! Our condoms do NOT contain any animal by products such as casein (often found in other condoms) and we are officially certified by The Vegan Society.


Does HANX contain spermicide?



Do you have parabens?



Do your condoms contain Ntirosomines?

As in any rubber articles, there can be traces of nitrosamines, only just around the detection limit. We regularly test for nitrosamines. Scientific literature shows that the amount of nitrosamines released from condoms to human body is extremely low in comparison to the nitrosamines from food.


What are your ingredients? 

HANX condoms are made of natural rubber, corn starch powder and silicon oil. The rubber has been vulcanized from rubber latex by using sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerators and soap. The chemical input is as low as possible, whilst ensuring safety. 


How are your condoms sustainable?

We always look to be as sustainable as possible.

We have reduced energy consumption, chemical load, and waste. Our production has a waste water treatment and compared to plastics, rubber articles degrade very quickly.

Our condoms our made from latex which has been fairly sourced and traded. They have been certified as Fair Rubber which means the way we source, grow and manufacturer our latex condoms is with gentle love and care. This also means the people who work on such latex plantations work reasonable hours and paid a living wage.
Production in Germany enables a more sustainable transport than condoms from Asia.


Do you deliver overseas?

Right now we can only deliver to Europe and Australia. If you think we should be selling HANX where you live, please let us know! Email us at hello@hanxofficial.com and we will do our best!

What other products can I use with my condoms?

Lubricants should be tested for condom compatibility, as only water or silicone based lubricants can be used as oil based products can damage the latex. Please check our information leaflet inside each HANX packet carefully for full details.

A question left unanswered? Please email info@hanxofficial.com for further queries.