HANX Feels... The Male Pill


 HANX is the first luxury male condom designed uniquely for women.
hanx condoms

For donkeys years women having been taking the contraceptive pill. To some women it’s great: no period, no spots, no babies… but to so many others it’s a roller-coaster of weight gain, mood swings and loss of libido. Oh, the irony.


Men just go about their day swinging their dicks and not having to deal with any hormonal effects of such contraceptives.


So imagine this. A MALE PILL. That’s right sister, a male contraceptive has been produced by a start-up in India, easing the contraceptive burden on women around the world. Sujoy Guha who invented the product, however, is facing a tough time finding a company who wants to market and sell the product.


The problem seems to be that the multinational players are managed by middle-aged men, many of whom are of a generation who would not go anywhere near a male pill themselves. Shocking.


What do I think... Well, let’s just say that if women ran these firms, it may well be a completely different picture. 


Well, until then you always have HANX. 


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