HANX Power Woman: Lisa Simpson


HANX is the first luxury male condom designed uniquely for women.

In the lead up to our launch this August, we are excited to showcase our Top HANX Power Women. You really are in for a treat.

Embracing our inner explorer, we are delighted to talk with Lisa Simpson, founder of tech travel company Fixers. Masterly curated holidays that encompass a bit of everything you love, Fixers are putting an end to boring holidays and we are 100% on board. One of the masterminds behind the company and all round top-notch lady, Lisa can most definitely #TakeControl.  


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I'm Creative Director and Founder of travel tech company Fixers. We're currently building the world’s simplest way to create and book your next great adventure with a hyper personalised store for every member.  We want to inspire today’s explorers to do more of the things they love. I'm also a hip hop DJ, love yoga in the outdoors, good coffee and positive people. 


What is your idea of ‘taking control’ with regards to your life?

Well I don't really like routines and I'm not very good at keeping them because I get bored easily! But I do like to have a weekly plan of things I want to do that week and covers a variety of areas like work/health/friends/family and a few others and I try to keep balance and take control of my life based on this. I also like to create visual boards of my goals (trello or Pinterest is great for this) or imagine 'feeling' a certain way because I've achieved those things I set out to do. 


When was the last time you took control and did something your way?

When I left my job at an NGO to work on Fixers full time. It got to a stage when myself and my husband and Co Founder Ben had been working on a very early stage version of the platform alongside other jobs/running our other businesses and it became a bit full on. But when 200 booked a trip with us in the first 12 months that gave me the confidence that it the right thing to do. I think building your own company from an idea to a product that people love and want to champion is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you can do!


What motivational mantra do you live by?

I don't have a motto but there are some words that I live by which are originality, authenticity, tenacity, kindness and fun!


Sign us up, Lisa!



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