HWOM: Julie Andrews

“In terms of feminism, I embrace it wholeheartedly. Not in a kind of militant way, but I've always known that it matters.”- Elle

 An Evening with Julie Andrews media conference at Park Hyatt, Sydney, Australia - 16th May 2013


Dame Julie Andrews celebrates her 82nd birthday today, and we are going to celebrate with her! From roles in The Sound of Music to Mary Poppins, her voice has captured generations. Here are our 3 reasons why she is our October HWOM...

  1. Andrews is not here for your gender norms. Not only has she portrayed some of the most iconic women on film, Julie is a gay icon, feminist and openly supports LGBT+ equality.
  2. She bounces back. Julie lost her singing voice in 1988 after having surgery to remove a  growth on her vocal cords, which she was told would not affect her voice. Not letting this stop her having a positive impact, despite losing her four octave singing abilities, Andrews starting writing children's books to influence generations. 
  3. Julie has no time for haters. Famously turned down for the role in the film musical "My Fair Lady," that Julie had herself built on stage (Audrey Hepburn was cast instead), she meanwhile got the part of Mary Poppins. When she went on to win an Oscar for her role, Andrews thanked the man who didn't give her the part in "MY Fair Lady," as without him she wouldn't have been Mary Poppins!


Fun Fact: She has a rose named after her!


Practically perfect in every way... Happy Birthday Julie.


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