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So, Why Aren't Condoms Vegan?

So, Why Aren't Condoms Vegan?

Fri, Nov 20, 20 - HANX Official

Ah, November! We can’t believe World Vegan Month has rolled around already but what better time to remind you of our vegan credentials. That’s right, vegan-friendly condoms and lubricant are here and they’re taking over the high street. Just ask Boots, Holland and Barrett and Superdrug for starters…


Why aren’t condoms vegan?

Historically, condoms were made from lamb intestine - which is porous and does not protect from STIs. HANX condoms don’t contain casein, an animal protein usually found in condoms. Instead, we turned to mother nature and utilise a plant-based extract to create the silky smooth feeling – this, plus that fact that we never test on animals, means we are fully vegan certified.  Don’t just take our word for it: Vogue, Well and Good and The Vegan Society have something to say about HANX condoms, too. 🌱


While we’re here, we think you oughta know that HANX condoms are ethically made in Germany out of natural and Fair Rubber latex, meaning the latex plant workers get a fair wage and safe working conditions. They decompose under the influence of light and oxygen, and importantly, can be disposed of in household waste or compost – we wanted to make sure our customers could dispose of them in a conscious manner, with as few hurdles as possible. Depending on the temperature and light influence, the condom begins to decompose after about 3 months. Oh, and heads up: you’ll see latex-free condoms on the shelves, but beware. Many are made from polyurethane and polyisoprene, which are types of plastic and unfortunately, not biodegradable yet.



Casein? As if! 😒


Did someone say vegan lubricant?

 FYI, it’s not just condoms we’re tackling. Here’s something you might not know about the lubricant on your bedside table: some of the most popular options on the market just aren’t up to vegan standards. They can contain lactoperoxidase, an enzyme derived from dairy, and some depend on the work of honeybees in their manufacturing process. We were determined to create a solution that doesn’t exclude our plant-based customer base and are proud to say that HANX lube is vegan certified and made from just seven natural ingredients. No mystery lists here, thank you very much! Just vegan friendly lubricant that’s condom and toy compatible.


Looking for the best vegan condoms?

We think we’re up there, but don’t just take our word for it… take a look at what the big wigs are saying here and help yourself to HANX Bundles here. Couple up with our HANX Bundles and save 10% on your purchase. Our signature condoms and lube, just twice as nice. Join the conversation over on our HANX Life forum here.