Why are condoms still relevant?

Why are condoms still relevant?

Mon, Jun 04, 18 - Gift Ajimokun

In the modern world where there is a variety of contraceptive options available, it almost seems like we don’t need to use or worry about condoms. But there is something wrong with this. Firstly, a lot of the newest and most widely used contraception depends solely on the women. Secondly, almost all of them don’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. So, the condom for its effectiveness and for being a steady friend that we can depend on deserves more recognition. So here it is.

Reasons why condoms deserve to be a staple now and forever:

1. Condoms are the only contraception that protects from sexually transmitted disease (apart from abstinence of course).

I know I have stressed this point above, but it super important so worth stressing again. With more than 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) acquired every day worldwide. Using condoms in conjunction with the Pill is a good habit to help prevent STDs and STI’s.

2. Condoms protect you from pregnancy.

Despite all the stories out there about condoms being ineffective and unreliable, if a condom is used correctly it can be just as effective as the pill at protecting from unwanted pregnancy.

3. Condoms don't mess with your hormones.

Anyone that has taken the pill knows that it changes you. Sometime in little ways but sometime in major ways. For some women it’s helpful in managing acne and heavy periods but for others it wreaks havoc. That is because it is making hormonal changes to your body. However, the condom is single use way to enjoy sex and not have to worry about side effects. So, which would you rather.

4. They are super easy to store and carry for all your unexpected moments.

Rather than worrying whether you have taken your pill that day or even if you have. Having a condom gives you that extra assurance, even if unexpected!
Most condoms (like HANX) come with a lubricant inside the foil, that can help make sex a lot more pleasurable. On the other hand, the pill can cause vaginal dryness in some women.

5. You can order HANX condoms right to your door.

You can get clean scented, vegan and Fairtrade rubber condoms which have been beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed straight to your door with our subscription service. You don’t even need to leave the house, pop it in your bag and be on your way. It really couldn’t be easier. 

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