HANX Power Woman: Venetia Archer

HANX Power Woman: Venetia Archer

Mon, Jul 10, 17 - HANX Official

In the lead up to our launch this August, we are excited to showcase our Top HANX Power Women. 

Today we are featuring Venetia Archer, founder of Ruuby, the go-to beauty concierge. As a sole female founder, Venetia's determination is a real inspiration, and her ability to build a brand that allows women to find time to take care of their wellbeing is just what we need. From Cambridge grad, to work as a political risk analyst researching Somali piracy in East Africa, Archer's story is beyond ordinary, and since founding Ruuby has found herself listed on Forbes' 30 Under 30. Ruuby has recently introduced it's first concept store in the heart of Fitzrovia and we are beyond excited! Lucky us to have the chance to catch up with Venetia today...

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I am the founder of Ruuby, an on-demand beauty bookings platform. We offer clients access to a network of vetted, professional beauticians, who can offer hair, makeup and other beauty services at home. I love what I do - my work is very challenging, but I love building a business and a brand that people love. 

What is your idea of ‘taking control’ with regards to your life?

Taking control is identifying what you want, and actively pursuing it. I used to work in a different career (I was a geopolitical analyst), and I decided that I didn't want to work for anyone any more. I wanted to build a business of my own, and so I did just that. I proceeded to put together a business plan and raise investment. I try to take control every day - with both business and personal decisions. 

When was the last time you took control and did something your way?

Every damn day! I think its very important to control one's time. I have no set daily routine in terms of office requirements, and arrange my diary to suit my own professional priorities. It is very easy to get bogged down by unnecessary meetings, and I really try to avoid that. 

What motivational mantra do you live by?

Don't sweat the small stuff. Worrying causes much undue stress, and I am the kind of person that can get caught up in irrelevant detail, so I need to keep my mind clear for life's important decisions!