Five reasons to be single this Valentine’s Day

Five reasons to be single this Valentine’s Day

Mon, Feb 06, 17 - HANX Official


Expecting a wondrous day of kisses on what is meant to be one of the most romantic days in the calendar? Singles, unite. This is not a time to wallow, but rather to celebrate! In fact, your coupled-up friends will be quite jealous of the Valentine’s Day you have in store. Read on to discover why it is totally cool to be the single one on Valentine’s Day.

1. You can pamper in peace

When able to spend the day by yourself, do what you love! Practice yoga, pamper in your PJs, get your nails done, or just slob out with pizza. You can drink that bottle of red without having to squeeze into that uncomfortable “sexy” corset and put your fave celeb crush films on repeat, dreamy.

2. You are not in a crappy relationship

Everyone’s had a toxic relationship, right? Take a moment to remember what it was like and think about how good it feels to be free of those worries and arguments this year. Walking past a restaurant on V-Day you can peer through the window and be glad you’re not in that controlling relationship.

3. Cheap wine and chocolates

Not only do you save your hard-earned cash from some over-priced awkward Valentines-themed activity, but the following week chocolates and wine are also half price. Win. 

4. The hotties at the bar are also single

It might feel like you’re the only single gal on the planet, but when you do go out you’ll meet an abundance of singletons in those non-romantic locations! Why not go on a girls’ night out? We heard Cupid works on overdrive on Feb 14th

5. Time to celebrate all the love in your life

Believe it or not, we think Valentine’s Day is a great day to remember that life isn’t all about men. Instead celebrate the other great people in your life. Whether that be friends, family or work colleagues - make the most of Valentine’s Day and be the inspiration your other single friends need.