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The Vegan Life

The Vegan Life

Wed, Nov 01, 17 - HANX Official

 How do you know that someone is Vegan? Don’t worry, they tell you!

Ok, it’s not for everyone, and it’s definitely not an easy transition for some of us. Though we cannot deny the rise of the über-Vegan… from sharing delectable dished on insta, to saving the environment, and lean fitness gurus, the vegan movement is here. I have eaten meat and dairy all my life… that is until last year. And I don’t do things by halves, so not only did I change to being a Vegetarian overnight, but also changed to a Vegan. Ok, not quite overnight, but it was a fast transition by any standards.

Some go Vegan for health reasons; others because of their love (or lack of wanting to eat) animals, and many of us have a multitude of reasons. The good this is, in today’s society, it is much easier to stick to vegan ways. From your local lunch spot having vegan options, to every milk under the sun at your local barista, to new restaurants catering for vegans, to vegan condoms ;) we have every base covered!

So, in true World Vegan Day spirit, here are my top 3 reasons why I chose the Vegan Life:

1. Health

 It is undeniable that Vegan foods have many health benefits. Increasing your fruit and veg intake automatically made me healthier, decreasing my cardiovascular risk, and the lack of red meat decreasing my risk of many cancers. I definitely choose more fresh food with my vegan diet, and studies have shown that vegan-eaters consumer more fibre, folate and magnesium than meat-eaters.

2. Environment

Ok, I’m not claiming to be some sort of world warrior that is saving the planet. But every little helps right? We are clouding our atmosphere with waste produce from cows (yes, their burps and farts!) which although sounds hilarious, is a real issue for climate change. Farming cattle for our consumption has a lot to do with this. We all have our part to play on this beautiful Earth, and if that’s being Vegan, so be it.

3. Keeping Trim

I’m prone to a little middle-weight… Some may say the tequila doesn’t help (also vegan FYI) but since eating vegan, I have shed a good amount of weight and am proud to be a healthy weight for the first time in a long time! I’m not advocating that this will be the case for everyone, we all have different metabolisms and bodies, but there is no denying the health benefits are there from eating vegan.

It’s not as easy as changing overnight (yes, I know I said that before… but seriously…) Why not try switching your meat for a plant-alternative one day a week, or have a vegan week, or month? In my opinion, the fewer people using animal products, the better. 

Happy Vegan Day #ThatsHowILikeIt. Order your HANX now.