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The HANX Festival Sex Commandments

 With festival season upon us, it’s time to bring share our HANX sex commandments. Follow these five tips and you will be sure to have festival sex better than the rest… 

1. Giggle

    It’s all about having fun right? Fumbling around in the dark, kissing with glitter lips, rolling around in mud, the list is endless. Embrace it and laugh, the hanky panky will be all the better for your giggles!

    2. Beware The Last Minute Decisions

      Yes, you’ve had barrels of cider (plus whatever else), the music is tugging at your heartstrings and the combination is making you weirdly emotional and horny. But no, the guy who has been pursuing you for months, the ex who is an ex for a reason and the boy 10 years your junior who seems to be looking super ‘cool’… still not a good idea. Keep your friends close to ensure you don’t do something you might regret. 

      3. Freshen Up

        Festivals and summers bring out the free-spirited, carefree nature in all of us, so let yourself go wild. But make sure there’s no awkwardness, and remember to pack plenty of deodorant, spritzes, toothbrushes, gum, dry shampoo… you get the idea.

        4. Don’t Get Caught

          Festivals are not the most discreet places and you are always close to prying eyes… Here, timing is everything. Wait until large crowds have left a campsite, or when a popular band distracts everyone, to ensure you have a quite corner to get busy. 

          5. Bring HANX

            Of course! HANX condoms are as important as your wellies at any festival, so don’t find yourself without. On that note, don’t forget about disposing correctly, for which Fab Little Bags are also a must. You really do not want to be coming home with a stonking hangover, a bag of dirty clothes, AND an STI; honestly, you will thank us for it.

            Festival sex can be lots of fun, but make sure you follow our commandments otherwise it could be a complete disaster...

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