The Age-Old Condom

The Age-Old Condom

Tue, Jan 03, 17 - HANX Official

As a country, we are embracing sexuality, in all its shapes sizes and forms.

The research suggests we are having more ‘casual’ sex. The number of lifetime sexual partners we are having is increasing, and the number of us with concurrent partners (that is, having sex with more than one person at any one time) is higher than ever.

Fantastic. Only that, alongside this, we are having to consider our contraceptive choices wisely. Not only do we want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, we want to avoid unwanted diseases…

Yes, condoms

The age-old male condom. It has been used for over 400 years, albeit with some major improvements. We have come a long way from the linen sheaths soaked in chemicals and allowed to dry before being tied in place with a ribbon! This use for protection against syphilis in 1564 is the oldest record we have of ‘condom’ use. With ever-increasing new and nasty sexually transmitted infections on the scene, we have thankfully developed the male condom dramatically. Except abstinence, there simply is no better alternative. Yet, it still seems to be the case that we cannot bring ourselves to buy condoms.

Why is it that this is so awkward? We all have embarrassing stories about buying condoms, having one fall out of your purse, being caught by your boss perusing the condoms in the local chemist, and even an obstinate response from the other party involved.

We want to take control of our sexual health- Yes. We want to protect our bodies from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV- Of course. We want to be able to buy, carry and use condoms easily. It is about time we wipe out the negative connotations associated with condoms, and take control.

HANX is here to do just that.