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New Year's Resolutions For 2021

New Year's Resolutions For 2021

At HANX, we know good sex. Join our Head of Customer Happiness Olivia as she shares the wealth and fill us in on her new year’s resolutions: from the cheeky to the chill. Sit back, relax and get set for all the 2021 ‘spo.



Let’s be real: 2020 was a shit show. I’m journalling my daily moods, from the raunchy to the ravenous, and setting mini-goals every week to add a little structure to these weird times. 

Whether you were horny AF or perpetually not in the mood, take this year as a chance to be a little bit kinder to yourself, your needs and what your body is saying. Bubble bath, prosecco and Bridgerton Tuesdays? Don’t mind if I do... 🥂




After hearing good, good things about audio porn I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and dip my toe in the world of erotic audio. Titillating titans include Ferly, Dipsea and Maeve (catch-up with founder Dr Gertrud here) with a whole virtual library out there to help you get you yours, however you like it. Desperately seeking a break from screen time? Slipping on a pair of headphones might just get you in the mood to cast your very own bawdy blockbuster...

Psychotherapist Neil Wilkie explains that audio porn is ‘unfettered by the images created by the film producer. It becomes your story, rather than theirs.’ 




I’m easing myself into Veganuary, starting with TONIC15's clean K-beauty bangers going straight in my basket at the stroke of midnight. Next up? Easy swaps like oat milk in my socially distanced morning lattes. Cheers!



Hangry? I don't know her. (Ahem). I'll be making my way through Vinny's vegan snack selection and catching up with co-founder Isla on all the plant-based biz gossip here.



How vegan is your sex life? Make the switch to HANX ultra-thin condoms and water-based lubricant, as seen in Vogue, Dazed Beauty and the Evening Standard. We're fancy like that.




It’s not just Duolingo that’s on my mind… I'm keen to mix it up in the bedroom, taking on unchartered territories with new accessories like Curated Toys’ Glass Wand. Currently topping my goodie drawer wish list, this thang is 100% non-porous, absolutely non-toxic, able to withstand extreme temperatures, can be used wherever you like, is perfect for temperature play and can also be popped in the dishwater when you're done. Can you say dream?



PSA: If you’re not regularly cleaning your sex toys, folks, get on it.



As a wise friend once said, "I’m a frequent flyer on the ol’ cystitis express." Hard relate? Bookmark our HANX Fix service and get treatments for thrush, bv and cystitis dispensed and delivered straight to your door. No going out or putting on ‘publicly acceptable clothing’ necessary. Stock up here.



WBU? 👀  Let us know your New Year's resolutions over on our HANX Life forum

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