Love your vulva

Love your vulva

Mon, Apr 24, 17 - Emerald Joyce

What is a vulva? 

Your vulva is the collective name for your whole lady downstairs - it is not called a vagina! Your vagina is only the hole used for periods, babies… and recreational purposes. OITNB (Orange is the New Black, obvs) was praised for bringing up the subject of female anatomy in their episode featuring a transgender inmate who educated the other ladies on what they had down there. Many women can go their whole lives without knowing what their own body looks like, so let's change this and appreciate how beautiful it is.

Here are 5 reasons why you should love your vulva…

 1. Better sex (with yourself or your partner)

If you can learn to love and understand your vulva, it can lead to astronomical orgasms! If you educate yourself on the bits and bobs you have down there, you will be better at knowing which bits turn you on! You can’t rely on your partner to always know what they are doing, so, if you can understand which bits to touch, and which bits to avoid, you’re onto a winner.

 2. Improves self-esteem

    In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of women seeking labiaplasty (cosmetic labia surgery). The size of the labia is one of the biggest body hang-ups women have, yet it’s never talked about. As with any body part, every one is unique. The size of your labia, majora or minora, should not hold you back from wearing skimpy swimsuits, or getting undressed in front of anyone for that matter!

     3. Less pain, more gain (or in fact, less gain!)

      Porn and the media are often culprits for presenting an unrealistic image of what a vulva is supposed to look like. Pubic hair is there to protect you from dirt and other nasties getting in (although you can tidy if you like). If you need a tidy up, have a professional wax. Beauticians are a dab hand at manoeuvring around labia and making you look as good as a Chelsea Flower Show exhibit!

       4. Vulvas come with their own fan club

        Inspired by Georgia OKeefe, many have started to create all sorts of fun vulva based arts and crafts, selling them on popular online market places like Etsy. Even edible crafts have made a name for themselves. Vulva cupcakes anyone?! So many people have embraced the vulva with art, and it’s about time too.

        5. It can perform cool tricks!

          Your vulva is amazing. It is such an intense, and powerful tool, which is there for you to enjoy. The most incredible thing a vulva can withstand is childbirth. But it’s not just there for procreation; sex is just as important! Your clitoris has twice the nerve endings as a penis - it’s pretty much a tiny, super penis. Plus, your vulva is arranged so that the labia, majora and minora, protect the vagina from stuff getting in and causing infection. Your vagina also has its own self-cleaning mechanism, so no need for perfumed soaps and body washes. The best thing to keep you clean is just plain water, and let your body do its thang!

          Go forth and spread the word…

          Viva La Vulva!