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Let's talk about lubrication and dry vaginas

Let's talk about lubrication and dry vaginas

Fri, Jul 17, 20 - HANX Official

“I wanna talk about lubrication and dry vaginas! Are you ready?”


If you weren’t paying attention before, you sure are now. Presenter and fashion expert Trinny Woodall’s infamous FB Lives hurtle headfirst into the world of beauty and wellness, taking you through the products you should have on your sink, like the grown-up sleepover you never knew you needed. Best watched in your PJs with a takeaway pint (the new evening mood), get set for a brutally honest, breakneck speed, rollercoaster ride through Trinny’s make-up bag and a cameo from our very own HANX Lubricant. *scream* (7.40 minutes in, skippers!) 😉




“Look how chic that is…”


After menopause, the vaginal tissue becomes more dry and fragile, meaning you’re more susceptible to injury or tearing, especially during intercourse. If you’re furtively Googling “best lubricant for menopause”, step away from that search engine and take notes: our very own HANX lube is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible. Made of just 7 ingredients and developed to have a pH of 4.5, similar to that of the vagina, HANX lubricant is also water-based, non-scented, and vegan. Hang on - vegan lube? You bet! Some of the most popular lubes out there don’t meet the specifications necessary to be vegan certified as they contain lactoperoxidase: an enzyme derived from dairy, while others rely on the work of honeybees in the manufacturing process. HANX lube, however, is vegan certified and as Trinny says:


“Tastes of nothing, that’s what it should taste of because you don’t want, if there’s any business going on in different places, any bad tastes.” 💁‍♀️



Going up! ☝️  If you missed our co-founders, Farah and Dr Sarah Welsh’s spot on Trinny’s Elevator Pitch, here’s your chance to find out exactly what HANX is about in just 30 seconds. Fancy getting your hands on our natural lubricant for menopausal dryness? Click here!