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Is Your Sex Life Vegan?

Is Your Sex Life Vegan?

Wed, Jan 06, 21 - HANX Official

“New year, new me!” “Sooo ready for a fresh start, right?” “OK, I’m going in…” 



‘Tis the start of 2021 and as a new year slips gently into our psyche after the all round nightmare that was 2020, the annual plant-based ‘challenge’ known as Veganuary is back! There’s never been more resources to help you get your Veganuary on until now, in fact, your feed is probs flooded with handy recipes, clean skincare and beauty hot tips. But while you’re scrolling, double tappin’ and pinning like never before, ask yourself this: how vegan is your sex life? 👀


We’ve got the info on what’s reallly going down when it comes to sustainable sexual health and vegan sexual wellness, right here. 


Do vegan condoms exist?

XXL hunk? DTF with dotted? Whatever you’re into, check the ingredients listing on your condoms of choice and you might be surprised to find they’re not automatically vegan friendly. Way back in the day, condoms were made from lamb intestine and while this isn’t all the rage anymore, there are still some brands out there who dabble in the baaaad stuff. You might wanna keep your eye out for a little something called casein, too. A protein derived from animals, casein is used to make condoms smooth and as a result, definitely not vegan. 


"When we started the company, we found that our audience were really keen to see more sustainable and vegan options.” - Dr Sarah Welsh, Co-Founder


We knew there was an opportunity to rethink condoms: eschewing traditionally used ingredients like casein to make vegan, gentle condoms that look good next to your skincare faves. So we rolled up our sleeves and took a deep dive into the world of plant based extracts - finally deciding on a plant-based extract to create silky smooth HANX condoms while ensuring we are vegan certified. We're thrilled to be named winner of GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards' Best Vegan-Friendly Contraceptive Product, 2020.



Sign up for a subscription on the regular here, try us out for size now or get your HANX on with our lovely retailers including Boots, Holland and Barrett and Plastic Freedom here.


Real talk: is lubricant vegan? 

You’d think a bottle of lube would be pretty straight forward but it’s worth doing a quick label check before you buy. Some of the usual suspects aren’t vegan, as they can contain lactoperoxidase: an enzyme derived from dairy and others utilise honey and the work of honeybees in their manufacturing process. While you’re down there… keep an eye out for glycerin: which can cause yeast infections and oil-based lubes like Vaseline, coconut or baby oils can increase your likelihood of getting vaginal infections and cause condom breakage. Nut cool. ❌


You’re safe with HANX Lubricant. We surveyed over 5,000 lube lovers to determine what YOU want (check our mammoth survey results here) and it’s pretty simple: vegan certified, water-based, condom and toy compatible and made from just 7 natural ingredients. We’re pretty proud to have developed HANX lube to have a pH of just 4.5, similar to the vagina (between 3.8 and 4.5) and as near to the natural thing as possible! 


Whether you're using HANX lube with partner(s) or goin' it alone, you don't have to be vegan or taking part in Veganuary to care about what's going on in the stuff you're using down there. We're all about making little changes here and there that contribute to an overall cleaner lifestyle and happier planet. 



Taking steps towards sustainability.

As a small brand, we’re taking the necessary steps to reduce waste and energy consumption in our production process. We use latex which has been fairly sourced and traded, ensuring the folks who produce the latex used in HANX condoms get a fair wage and safe working conditions.


"It was important to us that the people who produce the latex used in our condoms receive a fair deal, too – and we’re proud to be certified as Fair Rubber." - Farah Kabir, Co-Founder


HANX condoms are biodegradable and will decompose under the influence of light and oxygen, easily disposed of in household waste or compost. They’ll begin to decompose after about 3 months, depending on the temperature and light influence. Our condoms are ethically made in Germany and are presented in those signature white and gold cardboard boxes, which are recyclable. Heads up, the foil wrappers that cover each condom (to keep it fresh, as a CE certified medical device) is not currently recyclable but we’re working on it. Our lube bottle is made from recycled, recyclable plastic. ♻️


Finding products made easy by HANX!

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We’re always working on improving our products, packaging and processes to make them the best that they can be, watch this space and a happy Veganuary to you, too. 

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