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International Women's Day 2020

International Women's Day 2020

Thu, Mar 12, 20 - HANX Official

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day was “Each for Equal” and we couldn’t agree more. We asked our friends of HANX to tell us what it meant to them, and the responses were quite something.

Get ready to be inspired, take a deep breath and dive in….


“To me international Women’s Day isn’t ‘a day about women.’ It’s a day about women’s rights, it's not some token pat on the back day. It's a day to celebrate how far we have come as women but also to look at how far we still need to go especially on an international scale, violation of women's rights on a global level is still devastating. It's 2020 and as far as I'm concerned it's a woman's day 365 days of the year and I never got the memo that it wasn't.”

- Emma Sayle CEO & Founder Killing Kittens, Co founder Sistr and The KK Group


“To me International women’s day is a moment slow down, take a moment to look at how far we have come. A moment to celebrate the women who came before and those around us who we have to keep fighting for. The work I do help achieve a world free of FGM can be consuming and it sometimes feels like the world is against you. But we really are winning and ending FGM by 2030 is a tangible reality. So on international women’s day I will be taking a moment to celebrate all the work we have done and saying a massive thank you to the women who stand with me.”

- Nimko Ali OBE, Activist, Author & Co-founder of the Five Foundation



“It represents everything that's right with the world today on the one hand, and a reminder of how much there's still to improve on. The very existence of the Day itself is a reminder of how powerful collective action can be in shining a light on such a critical issue. That said, it serves as a sobering reminder of how much work we all still have to do to address the inequality that pervades our time.”

- Hamish Grierson, Co-founder and CEO of Thriva


"International Women’s Day for me is a strong reminder that we should be celebrating the women in our lives, the women who’ve shaped our lives and the women of the future, on the daily. But for now, while we work on creating a world where women truly have equality, I’ll take this day to celebrate and remind ourselves how awesome we really are!"

- Sasha Sabapathy, Founder at Glow Bar



"Women have come a long way in a short space of time to fight for equal rights. While we still have a long way to go, I believe IWD is a necessary day to reflect on feminism, celebrate the amazing things women are accomplishing around the world and continue the push forward."

- Ashleigh Hinde, CEO and founder, Waldo 



“15% of founders that have approached us to date are women, but our investment in female founders exceeds this. We endeavour to increase the number of female founders that seek investment from us, by ensuring we promote women in business and shout about the startups within our portfolio - founded by women.”

- Adam Kamani, founder Kamani Property and KM Capital


"Whilst I love the IWD initiative, every day should be International Women's Day, really. We should be celebrating each other all the time."

- Gabriela Hersham, CEO and co-founder at Huckletree



"This International Women's Day, I'll be bearing three words in mind: Room, Wombs, and Blooms. Room: Because women so often have to fight for a place at the table. Wombs: This year, I'm a face of The Eve Appeal, who specialise in raising awareness of the signs, symptoms and realities of gynaecological cancers, and supporting all those affected. Blooms: I like to buy flowers for some of my female friends to celebrate International Women's Day, and let them know I love them. This time I'll be hand-delivering a bouquet to Helen, the wondrous mother of my beautiful godson. 

Alix Fox, writer, broadcaster, journalist and sex educator


"IWD for me is about support. Supporting each other, holding each other up, trying to help each other achieve, and trying to connect others with opportunities. Too often we are pitched against each other in too many ways and it's something I try to avoid in both my personal and professional life. The other side of it for me is bringing attention to women's issues and difficulties around sexuality. I consider part of my role as a Psychosexual Therapist is about breaking down taboos and silences around this area of women's health, helping to educate and to make changes around awareness; so that less women suffer in isolation with these conditions, when they don't need to."

- Kate Moyle, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist & Psycho-Sexologist


"Today is a great day for women. Today recognises the journey so far, but also the journey yet to come, it's the courage of strong people and a tireless movement everyday that drives real equality."

- George Kruis – England Rugby Player and Co-founder fourfivecbd 


“International Women's Day is a chance to reflect on how far we've come and how far we've got to go when it comes to women's rights around the world. It's a moment to take stock of how we want to support our sisters in the year ahead and to be grateful for all the women that inspire us.”

- Nichi Hodgson, British journalist, broadcaster, author and dating expert


“Celebrating badass women around the world as well as the unique power, strength and sisterhood that comes with womanhood!”

- Samira Ann Quaaim, Founding Partner, Pink Salt Ventures


“International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to champion gender equality. Celebrating how far we’ve come, but also encouraging us to see how much more needs to be done.  At Manual, our mission is to challenge outdated gender stereotypes, encouraging men to open up and connect with their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, turning away from societal pressures which have been created by historic gender conformity. Changing these gender perceptions are key for us to be able to push forward in the quest for equality. As these perceptions continue to adapt to modern society, gender separations and expectations are bound to change too, meaning a happier, healthier world for all of us. Equality is incredibly important every day, but it's especially important that we celebrate it today.”

George Pallis, Co-Founder & CEO, Manual



"We are proud that Butternut has been built by a team that is 60% female. International Women’s Day, to us, is about celebrating all women everywhere. Especially the women who help us be better every day."

- David Nolan and Kevin Glynn, Founders, Butternut Box


“Time to celebrate, time to reflect and time to actively manage your career.”

 - Fiona Hathorn, CEO of Women on Boards



"It's our day to celebrate the achievements of all the women in our lives... And what I love is how loud we shout about it! Happy International Women's Day "

- Venetia Archer, CEO & Founder Ruuby


"Whilst International Women's Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate how far we've come in the drive towards equality, it's important to remember that the fight is only just beginning.  Subjugation and violence against women are still endemic - 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual or physical violence from an intimate partner in the last year.  It is everyone's responsibility to take action and be urgent."

- Charles Armitage, CEO, Florence


“International Women’s Day is an incredible celebration of equal rights for women, the one day when we celebrate the brilliant women that have changed our world for the better. A day full of girl power!”

- Lauren Stevenson, Co-Founder & Director of Aisle 8


“I love IWD as it allows me to lift my head out of the narrow tunnel of my own everyday life and see all the cool, difficult, exciting, challenging, groundbreaking and revolutionary things women are doing across the world. Epic.”

- Celia Pool, Co-founder, DAME


“IWD is our annual reminder to push for gender equality where there is no longer a need for a special day to celebrate the achievements of women, and do it every day.”

- Soumyadip Rakshit, Co-Founder & CEO at MysteryVibe



"An opportunity to celebrate some of my amazing friends and family"

- Serena Guen, Founder of Suitcase