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HWOM: Millie Bobby Brown

HWOM: Millie Bobby Brown

Mon, Feb 19, 18 - HANX Official

"I have a job to do and that is to inspire other girls that your image or exterior part is not what I think is important. What I find important is caring, loving and inspiring other girls."

Millie Bobby Brown is already one of the most famous actors in the world, turning just 14 years old today, this talented teen shot to fame playing Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things. The British star has achieved more that most would dream for in Hollywood, and has the maturity to go with it. 

Here are just three reasons she is our Feb HWOM:

1. She is generous for the greater good. With her followers she makes important statements and promotes good causes. From the age of 12 she was posting twitter pins to raise $100,000 for a 4-year-old girl fighting a life-threatening midbrain glioma, and participating in the Malala Fund's #YesAllGirls's initiative. This is the type of young star we need.

2. She shaved her head just for Stranger Things, and her take on it was empoweringI wanted to bring Eleven to life, so I embraced it,” Brown tweeted. I mean, something that would make most 13 year old girls cry, Millie took like a champ. "Yes, it’s hard for anybody to go through something like that, but it’s harder for someone to go through a disease like alopecia or cancer, losing their hair without any choice." We salut you Millie.

3. She stays grounded in the limelight and is keeping it real for pay equality. Despite the fact that the gender pay gap is at 18.1% in the UK alone, Brown makes exactly the same amount as her male co-stars. Starting as she means to go on and setting the example for equality. I mean, it must be difficult to be thrown into the spotlight like Brown has. After Stranger Things, her social media following went up to one-million overnight (she now has over 13million btw). Millie states that she will be focussing on her acting over social media, and continues to have Sunday dinner with her family every week.

Fun FactShe had her first kiss on set! And once the cameras stopped rolling, she shouted “Kissing sucks!” But said that it was so easy as her co-star Finn is such a good friend, it made the whole thing much more relaxed.

Watch this space, this is just the beginning for MBB.