HWOM: Deborah Frances-White

HWOM: Deborah Frances-White

Sat, Sep 01, 18 - HANX Official

 “In 2015 I described myself as 'guilty feminist' for the first time. My goals were noble but my concerns were trivial. I wanted desperately for women to be taken seriously in leadership roles all over the world, but I also wanted to look good sitting down naked.”

This month we are celebrating self-proclaimed “guilty feminist” Deborah Frances-White. Frances-White is the host of the acclaimed podcast The Guilty Feminist, a stand-up comedian, screenwriter and so much more. August sees the release of her autobiography The Guilty Feminist: From Our Noble Goals to Our Worst Hypocrisies and we’re pretty hyped to read it. Frances-White champions women and tackles just what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century because it can get really confusing. Her podcast is joyful and frank and navigates crucial questions surrounding women equality and imperfections.

In anticipation of her book here are three facts to wet your appetite:

1. She was adopted into an Australian family and was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.
2. As a teenager, Frances-White left her religion, bought a one-way ticket to London and ended up reading English at the prestigious University of Oxford.
3. She has worked as an interpreter in both sign language and Japanese.  

Fun Fact: Frances-White has an unhealthy (but completely understandable) obsession with actor Jon Hamm, particularly in his guise of misogynist Don Draper in the hit series Mad Men.