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HWOM: Ania Hobson

HWOM: Ania Hobson

Sun, Sep 30, 18 - HANX Official

Ania Hobson is our HWOM for October

Ania was the winner of this year’s BP Portrait Young Artist Award, an annual event at the National Portrait Gallery. In the 2018 collection was her painting A Portrait of two Female Painters (we’ve put a link in so you can check it out for yourself).

Ania undertook a degree in fine art followed by short courses and her work has been exhibited in the UK and at the annual exhibitions of the Society of Women Artists. We HANXers love her work, this one in particular, which depicts the artist with her sister in law and explores both their working and personal relationship. The perspective of the painting is unusual-it’s upwards. This conveys a sense of confidence and energy which celebrates contemporary female artists.

Three facts about Ania: 

  1. Ania’s paintings hang in Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada, and the USA. That’s quite a lot of the world covered.
  2. One of her works is called A ten minute nap. This woman speaks to us on so many levels.
  3. Ania works from life to capture the movements of her subjects.
  4. She has an Instagram, @ania_paintings, which provides endless creative inspiration.

 That's what she said: I really enjoy painting faces, I find it fascinating. It’s not about finding a great face to paint, but it is how you paint and portray it.