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HANX Woman Of The Month: Meryl Streep

HANX Woman Of The Month: Meryl Streep

Thu, Jun 22, 17 - HANX Official

 “The lack of inclusion for women in decision-making in every single institution in the world makes me angry. Why are the people making those decisions not half women?” 

Who better than Meryl for our March HWOM

We have whittled our love down to three reasons: 

  1. An iconic actress renowned for portraying powerful female leads on the big screen. Streep has more nominations for both the Academy Awards and The Golden Globes than any other actor or actress, but remains admirably modest and focuses her efforts on philanthropy.
  2. She has a sense of humour we cannot help but love. Following her 20th Oscar nomination, Meryl didn’t release a formal quote to the press acknowledging this success, rather she asked her publicist to send out a GIF of her dancing.
  3. Her ability to capture our attention and hearts in influential speeches such as that at the Golden Globes, as well as providing an eternity of inspiring quotes.

Fun Fact: Before pursuing an acting career, Streep applied to law school but on the day of the interview she overslept. What a sign!

Today we are celebrating the fact you didn’t make that interview Miss S!