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HANX Presents The Blues

HANX Presents The Blues


The Blues. Blue balls. All the worst things tend to be blue. Today, Monday 18th January, is said to be the most depressing day of the year - also known as Blue Monday. 

The Blues: a pervasive feeling of melancholy or sadness.

To be honest, there's a lot to feel blue about right now. From love lives in lockdown to distant memories of lunch-turned-dinner-turned-it’s-WHAT-o-lock-in-the-morning hangouts, we’re all experiencing the tough realities of living as an isolation nation. Job-wise, relationship-wise, human-being-wise: we’ve never been more under pressure and many of us are dealing with pre-existing or newfound mental health issues including anxiety, stress, burnout and depression on top. 🧠

HANX is still a small team and from the start, we wanted to create a culture that prioritised mental, as well as physical, wellness. We know from our own weekly Google Hangouts that each of us is in our own personal state of flux - and how important it is to feel able to be open and honest about our state of mind. Keeping up chins and appearances for social media be damned - we’re asking you: how are you really? 

Join us over the next two weeks to get honest, lean into your feelings (no filter) and explore mental health, pleasure, self-care, intimacy and simply existing in 'unprecedented times'. 

Hear from thought leaders in the beauty, wellness and hospitality industries on their experiences of the past 12 months, their predictions for our future lives and unique perspectives on hope - something we all need more than ever. We’re discussing the new age of intimacy in a post-isolation world with a sex toy pioneer, exploring the disparity behind public/private personas with an original lifestyle influencer and the importance of establishing everyday rituals with one of the minds behind our favourite cult coffee brand.

That’s not all. Look out for:

1) We’re all in this together. Our very own HANX Blues Crew will be on hand in the @hanxofficial DMs as listening ears, sexual wellness advice and much-needed take-your-mind-off-it chats. Be it the raunchiest Bridgerton episode (that spoon, duh), which Biggie album still bangs or the recently discovered population of blue whales in the Indian Ocean: trust us, we’re here, we’re listening and we’re feeling it too. 

2) In the midnight hour. Lockdown turning your carefully honed sleep schedule into a nightmare? Newly fledged night owls, look out for special late-night Instagram takeovers to keep you company, soothe your stresses and stop you BBC News doom scrolling in the wee hours. 🦉

3) Over to you! We wouldn’t have made it through the last year without our incredible community - so we’re reaching out for your expert advice. We'll be asking HANX fans for recco's of go-to movies, songs and snacks that you turn to when the blues are hitting hard - and sharing shoutouts for the people who lift you up, too. 

Keep up with us over on Instagram and join in the conversation over on our forum, HANX Life.


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