HANX Power Women Series

HANX Power Women Series

Tue, Aug 29, 17 - HANX Official


HANX is the first male condom designed uniquely for women


It has come to the end of our Power Women Series (*sob*). But what a pleasure it has been! From Sharmadean Reid, to Emma Sayle, to Gabriela Hersham, and all the wonderful women in between. We have had a whirlwind of advice, positive vibes and empowerment messages in the run up to our HANX launch.

Thanks to all the women involved. Here are some of our fave moments…

Gabriela Hersham not living by any one else’s rules, nor imposing her own on anyone else.

Venetia Archer not getting bogged down by unnecessary meetings and taking control every damn day!

Lisa Simpson on the rewards and challenges of building a company from an idea to a product that people love and want to champion.

Gemma Huckle keeping calm and cool when things at work and life get a bit crazy.

Sharmadean Reid making decisions that practice self love and self care.

Kate Moyle taking the leap and starting her own therapy practice, and the personal investment this takes as well as the support needed from others. 

Sophia Matveeva getting as much as possible out of life; career, love, fun, friends, learning, and so much more.

Natasha Tucker taking back up an old hobby, horse riding, to detach from the day and take time for herself. 

Emma Sayle not having someone tell her what she can and can’t do, and having the freedom to make her own decisions.




Here at HANX, we want women to take control of every aspect of their life, and this is exactly what our HANX women do.

You’ve all been fabulous, inspiring and real HANX girls.


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